Eurostar and Sony launch the Sound Menu – European Railway Review

Sony and Eurostar have partnered to offer passengers the new Sound Menu, a music-psychologist-led playlist specifically for the use with industry leading noise cancellation technology.

Sound Menu

This partnership follows UK research looking into the music listening habits of business and lifestyle travellers, with over a quarter (27%) of travellers saying they can never fully relax on a journey and 23% complaining that they are unable to ‘switch off’ ahead of important meetings.

Furthermore, 39% of travellers blamed the noise made by other travellers as being one of the biggest stress factors and 66% highlighting that music helps them relax.

The Sony Sound Menu has been developed in partnership with Senior Lecturer in Music Psychology at Keele University, Dr Alexandra Lamont, who has drawn on a number of studies conducted on music and mood regulation to recommend five playlists to help travellers prepare, relax and focus on route to their destination.

The five playlists are:

  • Getting the job done (helping passengers to focus on work)
  • Psyching up for a long day (giving passengers a boost)
  • Being in the moment (music to calm and centre passengers)
  • Getting from A to B (helping passengers to relax and enjoy the ride)
  • A job well done (helping passengers unwind after a busy day).

“Creating an ‘auditory bubble’ while travelling, such as through the use of noise cancellation technology, can allow passengers to get more from their journey, helps people block out environmental noise and allows them to focus on the moment or the task at hand,” Dr Alexandra Lamont, Senior Lecturer in Music Psychology at Keele University. “We know that different music creates different moods, and the traveller can immerse themselves in music that suits or changes their mood to make the journey pass more pleasantly. Being able to eliminate these noises and replacing them entirely with the sound of your choice leads to an all-round more relaxed experience.”

The Sony Sound Menu is on trial for one month only from 27 April 2017 and is available on Eurostar’s onboard entertainment system on all e320 and e300 trains.


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