This is the best solution to stop the alcohol – GQ

The effects of alcohol on your body represent major damage that no person is willing to suffer during the adult life or old age. The excess of this damages from the brain, the stomach and passing through the skin and the heart, just to mention a few, there are thousands of razones for which you should consider to forget about this bad habit.

The battle to remove it completely from the life is complicated, however, a current research published by the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology of the Academy of Oxford has an option to make it more bearable the process, it is suggested to perform a daily meditation that lasts 11 minutes.

The analysis was performed on two groups of people (68 drinkers) that every morning, listened to recordings about meditation for 11 minutes, one of them talked about being aware of their cravings and how to control them while the other group did only meditation of relaxation. Days later, the researchers discovered that those who we spoke to him about controlling your cravings, reduced their weekly consumption, and drank three drinks less than usual.

This change happens, as people who meditate are more aware of how it is flowing and happening your life day to day, as well as your feelings and sensations.

Now you already know that meditation every day focusing on how to avoid and not be impulsive in your cravings, it will help you leave alcohol or reduce the weekly intake, try it.


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