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How is meditation a practice for me? - The Caribbean - The Caribbean 1
A long and stressful checkout line at a grocery store can be a good time to practice meditation, in order to remain calm and attentive.

To encourage relaxation and tranquility in the midst of everyday stress, improve their ability to make decisions, break bad habits, recover after emotional situations bitter, among other benefits, meditation is a very effective.

Maybe the mention of the term is to think of meditation as a religious practice, since from the ancient times some of the beliefs is performed as part of their regular activities, but it is not.

The practice of meditation, currently recommended as part of a healthy life style and full, is a training of attention, to be more aware of what happens to us in our inside and around us at a given time.
That awareness and clarity about what is happening in the moment allows us to choose as to whether to act on what we are seeing and how to do it.

I can practice meditation regardless of my religion, profession, race, gender.

The ability to gather and hold attention is what allows us to do the day to day activities effectively, from learning the teaching school to perform our work.

A mind distracted is not an ally of our best performance. To the many everyday situations that cause us to lose our focus in a given moment, meditation is an excellent tool for promoting concentration, self-mastery.

Meditating helps against anxiety. In this aspect I can give particular testimony because I have suffered from anxiety disorders since my childhood and during some years of my life I depended on drugs to control it.

This disorder wreaks havoc on the everyday development of those who suffer from it. The pathology comes from the extreme level of anxiety (where the individual anticipates threatening situations of irrational way and the somatiza, in a harmful box of tension and concern), it is healthy to acknowledge some anxiety in certain situations, in both is a natural mechanism to alert you to hazards or threats.

But if we tend to that anxiety are overflowing, we can become a bunch of nerves and, in the grip of them, not to react properly in the midst of the situations of daily living.

Concentration, awareness of the “here and now”, relaxation, spirit, kind and compassionate, are mechanisms very allies of our overall well-being and that the practice of meditation contributes to make up, undoubtedly. People who are altered usually, that explode from the minimum of inconvenience, accelerated and distracted to what is harmful, perceived a noticeable change with the practice of meditation.

It is a practice without any cost and relatively easy; the basic instrument for it is the breath, and can be made at any time of the day, up to 5 minutes are sufficient.


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