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Emotions and... - Universal - channel | EL UNIVERSAL - El Universal (Venezuela) 1 For many, psychology is the science that studies the mental processes, the sensations, the perceptions and the behavior of the human being; for others, it is a tool that solves regrets or emotional situations that we do not know how to deal with.

Carlos Valero, clinical psychologist, specialist in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapist, makes it clear that in life there are tragedies and should be taken the ability to overcome those situations.

Indicates the coach of venezuela that is key to tackle the problem, to succeed, as the mind receives this signal and directs their action to resolve the conflict.

Asserts Valero (www.carlosvalero.net) that emotions determine our reality: “if we choose to see the things that happen to us as a mess, our life will be a disaster; if we respond aggressively, the environment will respond the same. If we victimizamos face some situations, we will be treated as victims. The important thing is that if we act from respect, love, humor, and empathy, we will get similar responses from the environment, and if we don’t get that response, you simply will not give negative force to that, and we will go ahead without entanglement”.

Do you believe that the current economic situation of the country power behaviors aggressive, violent, or unkind in some venezuelans?

Difficult situations do not necessarily elicit the worst behaviors of people. The environment in which we are living is surrounded by violence, be propitiated even by the same political leaders, and of course that contributes to the society to be more violent, but that’s why, because what we are seeing.

Valero ensures that as well as the difficult situations reveal what is evil of the people, also show what is good: “If anything has brought on the crisis we as a society are the things most primitive as aggressiveness and violence, but also the positive things: the generosity, empathy and kindness to help others.” Their advice is that the venezuelan focus more on its positive aspects.

What is the body language more common in the population in Venezuela?

According to the political tendency of the people, their body language changes. If it is one of the ruling party is a quiet person, relaxed; if it is a person opposing, depending on the case, comes downcast with a negative body language, but all of that is moot. Rather than focus on what is body language-most commonly, the problem is that we must identify what are the negative emotions that as a country we are living. There are many thoughts toxic, paralyzing and negative, that each time more and more will-of-mouth.

As citizens, as people and as a country, sometimes the situations of the day-to-day blur of the goodness of life, but if it is objective and cooperative, move forward is the only option.


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