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Recently we discussed that the Library the Clip met their 43 years, and continuing with their usual presentations, this Friday 14 of July will bring another surprise for the barquisimetanos literature lovers. In this opportunity, Dr. Efrain Hoffmann will present Meditation, the Art of being at Peace and will baptize his cd Meditation: the Way of the Rainbow and meditation in Venezuela.

Dr. Hoffmann

 On the career of Dr. Ephraim Hoffmann

 Since 1982, Dr. Ephraim Hoffmann has studied the techniques of modern medicine. However, had the sensitivity and the vision to see beyond conventional medicine, and is focused on the discovery and analysis of alternative medicine to offer his patients a comprehensive care and holistic.

From your experience and from the results obtained, created the System of Hoffmann. Which is based on a practical synthesis that integrates modern knowledge and ancestral, preventive and curative health-physical, mental, and spiritual. All this based on a holistic vision of the human being.

In their quest for knowledge, delved into ancient skills such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga and meditation. As well as in the theatre, music, psychology, philosophy and religions. All with the purpose of abstracting the secrets of a style of life that will preserve the health and youth.

Professor and creator of several diploma medical dictations through The Academy Hoffmann Training Holistic, which work in association with prestigious institutions such as, for example, the University of Carabobo (Venezuela).

Through his works, Dr. Ephraim Hoffmann shares his philosophy of life in a way that is simple and warm, ensuring that conflicts are always tests to grow. In his writings, portrays a series of stories collected throughout all of his studies, journeys, and meditations.

More than twenty years of work in the Hacienda la Conception, healing and improving the habits of life of thousands of people, give it the credibility and the weight to indicate how to find the purpose of existence and enjoy the gift of life.

 The appointment with Dr. Hoffman will be this Friday, July 14 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the Library The Clip, which is located in the Shopping Center The Lions of Barquisimeto. The entrance is free.




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