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According to the clinicians, 80% of the patients who pass through its consultations today comes from diseases of psychosomatic origin, that is to say, by issues caused by the mind and its many imbalances such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, anxieties, concerns. Also the oncologists as Claudio Lorrusso, mastólogo of the Italian Hospital, considers that the mental state of a patient is essential for the rapid cure of a disease such as cancer.

We have become machines that produce cortisol, the stress hormone; we go to bed worried thinking and rethinking the problems, that is to say, paying, and watering the garden mental problems and, therefore, we wake up worried, the last thought that you take to sleep is the first thing that you wake up. The effects of these concerns, anxieties, or troubles on our poor body are tremendous, in many cases resulting in ibs, ulcer, hiatal, psoriasis, insomnia, and psychological level, all kinds of bad temper, impatience, irascibility, and a whole range of modern diseases such as allergies, etc.

Doctors and scientists are wound the brain to find the solutions, ignoring what is now the neuroscience test as effective for the return of mental balance healthy eating, meditation and breathing, the more healthy and effective than psychotropic drugs and their side effects.

The The Art of Living foundation, which since 2009 has the official support of the World Health Organization and works in conjunction with the United Nations for 35 years as a member of the Economic Council, Social and Cultural, recommends steps useful and effective both for maintaining health as well as helping to cure diseases caused by the psyche. What says the foundation is: “Cure your mind and curarás your body or prevent you from getting sick”.

The recommendations are not very difficult to follow: recognize that the problem is mental and not physical, and cure the root, not just the symptom; eating a lot of fresh food and newly prepared, avoiding cans, frozen, and prefabricated; perform daily physical exercise; practice breathing techniques to calm the mind and promote the production of serotonin; perform 10 to 15 minutes a day of meditation to calm the brain; to spend time in the middle of nature; to observe the hours of rest -6 to 8, it is recommended – and during the break to disconnect cell phones, televisions or electronic devices that are in the bedroom; do things that make you happy, like spending time with the children, take a short break, eating the food one likes.

Among these recommendations, it would also be good to include a reflection on the need to be useful to those around us and see who we can give a hand, as a society and as a family.

And finally, let’s ask ourselves more often what is more important, if to be right or to be happy, before we discuss ravenously and spend energy.

Meditation and breathing are two of the preventions and cures of the mind more powerful. Help the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and provide peace and quiet.

Journalist, instructor of meditation and breathing, and coordinator of The Art of Living for Latin america


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