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Thanks to the Internet, today we live in an era of the hipercomunicaciÃ3n, in which we can all access a number of informaciÃ3n we resultarÃa impossible to cover. This fenÃ3meno is repeated also in the thousands of tips and tips that we can find to journal in blogs and social networks.

We can say, in this sense, that the meditaciÃ3n is volviÃ3 a must, a good it practice that all deberÃamos practice sà o sÃ. Of course, we cannot deny the multiple benefits of the different techniques, pero… what happens when we just don’t want?, when the meditative state is sustained has nothing to do with our style.

So, today demystify the belief that in order to be better meditaciÃ3n is essential and we tell you 5 simple and effective ways of enjoy its benefits without having to carry it forward, indicates Report 21.

1. Walk (a lot)

Quieting the thoughts is not a process that happens from one minute to the other. That’s why the walks are so fantáfeatures: not only are we moving the body and doing exercise, but that help to clarify the mind. Try it and fÃjate how much time it takes you to feel really relaxed. This »be cuenta» is part of the practice of the meditaciÃ3n, but well, you can take it forward while you walk up to a friend’s house or walking around the park.

2. Try a night without noise

A few hours without any noise are the ideal terrain for cultivating presence and calm the mind. Turn off the music, televisiÃ3n, tablet, and, if you dare, you can’t even talk. Regálate one night as well and will see s that you have space to be able to go inward and contemplate your thoughts and yourself with greater ease.

3. Mark your own guidelines

The exercises you do, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, what decimos… ¿Until what point it is satisfactory a life in which we don’t do more that follow are standard levels intended for others?

If you feel identified, it is time for you to think about adding a spark to own your life. Then writes cÃ3mo te gustarÃa that was your life if you’d stop thinking about everything that »deberÃas» to do.

The meditaciÃ3n helps us to find ourselves. This exercise will help you also to achieve embrace of your true desires and to realize with enthusiasm.

4. KNOW who you would be if you didn’t have to worry about the money

This does not mean that mañana have to give up the office job that has you tired. You can do it if you prefer, but perhaps you’d like to start little by little. Incorporates an activity that is really of your liking, something that you carry forward with pasiÃ3n and love. The inspiraciÃ3n is one of the forces more powerful to walk forward with strength and security.

5. Change a habit

Ago©go to, for example, listen to your body when you’re tired and stop working at that time. AnÃmate to start that dance class that you called the atenciÃ3n, or simply incorporating a new spice to your recipes. To change a habit helps us to modify the lens by which we see the world and ourselves.

If any of these ideas resonate in you, ¡superb!, you already have inspiraciÃ3n to get some of the benefits of the meditaciÃ3n without having to meditate. We hope that you have in mind and that encourages you to carry them forward into your daily life. <!–

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