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By: Andreina Matos

The Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP is a communication strategy that seek to change patterns of conduct to give rise to a personal development which led to momentous changes.

In the end, the person who adopts this method is capable of developing the strategies ideal for more effective communication. This, of course, can be applied in any aspect of our lives and, apparently, can be achieved positive results from the field work.

This leads us to ask, will it work at the time to ask for a raise?

The steps

Each thing we say and how we say it influences the result you want to get. Therefore, the NLP proposes that the importance of the power of the word. The consciousness of this, our communication will be effective.

This is accomplished with a series of steps. First, we must identify our patterns of behavior and to improve them. Then, identify the function of mental processes, verbal and non-verbal to eventually come to the consciousness and actions more successful.

What is most satisfying that in the end, we will become more powerful and have more confidence in our abilities.

To consider

Asking for a raise, by itself, is something that we can generate a little bit of anxiety and stress. It is not for less. However, NLP can give you the tools you need to achieve this goal.

How to achieve that? These tips can help you:
1. Choose the right time to speak with your boss. To make sure that both are relaxed and unhurried, you can have a quiet conversation.

2. NLP reminds you that anything goes in terms of communication, therefore, you must feel and look confident. This will make a big difference.

3. It exposes your arguments. To deploy the reasons why you want a raise, remember that you must highlight your accomplishments, the commitment that you have with the company and what prepared you to take on new challenges. The ultimate goal is to convince your boss that you deserve such increase.

4. Remains calm. It is important to remember that you must keep at bay any conflict that is out of the office. An attitude of calm allows the communication to flow without problems and they generate empathy.

5. Keep an open mind. It is possible to find a negative, in such case, you can ask that you make a feedback. This way, you’ll be able to obtain information on the possible failures in order to improve the situation.

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