Discover how to get rid of your fears through meditation –

Though often associated with mysticism or religion, the truth is that meditation is an intellectual exercise through which they enhance attention and mindfulness.

It is a way to quiet the mind, freeing it from the bustle of the day-to-day, and clean it to make it more creative.

There are various ways and exercises for meditation, that allow you to concentrate on different aspects of life to improve them.

In this case, we introduce a visualization. It is so called because it is attacking a problem through viewing it in a specific situation.

This is to observe your biggest fear, or that situation that you have bad, uncomfortable, and achieving to leave her behind.

1. Get ready

In the first place, as with any exercise of these features, you should look for a site that you are comfortable and relaxed. Although you can do this in any place or situation, to get better concentration is better to be in a space according.

2. Display

You breathe normally.

Imagine that you are sitting comfortably in the open air, in the park, the beach or to the site that you like the most. Visualize yourself intensely in that situation.

Now, visualize in front of you, only a few centimeters away, at that situation or person that generates discomfort and fear. You want to drop because you need to move forward.

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In the display, puts the person or situation inside of a ball of white light. Also put within the ball of light the feelings that this generates.

Keep your eyes fixed on the ball of white light for several seconds. Do it until you feel convinced that everything that has to go is well tucked inside the ball of light.

3. Say goodbye to your fear

When the time has come, visualize the ball of white light soaring towards the sky.Follow it with the view, paying attention to how all of those negative feelings away from you.

With the words that come out of your heart, tell the Universe that you are giving a present, a gift,because that ball of white light will not be a burden to the Universe as it was for you.

Tell the Universe that you are giving the situation that causes pain, you consume the energy, to treat, recycle, and return to the earth with all good things they have.

Stay a few moments breathing slowly and feeling the vacuum left in front of you the ball of white light.

To finish, say thanks to the Universe for work and recycle that charge that you didn’t want to carry.

Remember that this exercise, like all exercises of meditation, will not change things from one moment to another.

The best thing you can do is to practice it consistently each day. You’ll see how that situation or fear every time has less impact on your life.


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