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Molén Antolin: Hi! It is a pleasure to share this space with Erika Diep and today we are going acontar of like meditating.

Erika Diep

Erika Diep: Meditation is a word that I have found myself lately by all parties, until in feeding guides suggest meditating to control the anxiety. In social networks, magazines, and other media to promote meditation as the basic tool for a healthy life, as we say commonly,”a healthy mind in a healthy body”
My surprise is that for me it was not so easy to quiet my mind, concentrate, and relax, so I gave myself the task of researching the topic and found that there are a thousand ways to meditate.
One of the books that I like is “The Book of the Secrets” of Osho, is a treatise on meditation, contains 112 meditations and the method to make them.
It is not a pocket book, alcontrario, is a complete guide to complete that you must read carefully in addition to implement each method to find what we need, as he suggests that not all people are equal and not all of us work the same.
The father of this book is any additional tuition that has, in addition, it is very agile, as each chapter is put into practice, and surely one we will take you the surprise, and I love it because you are not stressed if a no comes out, there will be some for ourselves.
For the metaphysical, meditation is a state of silence in which all sounds are audible, for them, the most important objective of meditation is to concentrate in your presence “I AM” and contact with your true essence. However they also suggested that meditating can be read through any book of a spiritual nature as a “Daily meditation”.
Among many theories, the important thing is to make a pause in new ‘ stro day and give a time to be quiet and in peace, to re-connect mind, body, and heart of the way we work, as with the daily stress, daily life and lots of goals that we have set for ourselves make it very easy to enter into conflict with ourselves.
As with everything in life, meditation is a challenge, because it speaks of it as if it was easy, but like everything else, it takes consistency, discipline and commitment to succeed.

The books that seem to me to be jewels of meditation and who truly leave us lots of lessons are:

“The Book of Secrets” by Osho
“ Meditation, Enlightenment and Nirvana” Rubén Cedeño.

Molén Antolin: Thanks Erika for any questions or suggestions I invite you to follow us on our social networks. Having an excellent week.

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