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15 March 2017 – 00:00The activity aims to connect the body and the mind, but without leaving even a time to move on, according to their individual abilities. This workshop will be the 25 of march from 17.30 in Spain, 1666. Can participate from 15 years old.

By Carina Costello

Looking to connect with one’s self, to go from the depths to the surface. Know each other and recover, are some of the benefits of meditation but if to all this we add the dance, the changes in the body, the mood and the psyche will be invaluable.

The march 25, salta will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop of dance and meditation. Under the proposed “Meditates dancing”, the professor of classical dances and arabs, Andrea Cisneros carries forward this project.

In dialogue withThe Orator, also a physical Education teacher noted that the idea was to be able to in the same workshop, be able to unify the meditation and the dance. “Always trying to respect the body and know the moves that each one can have on an individual basis”, emphasized the professor.

The dictation of the workshop has a working technique which suggests that each of the participants to achieve to express from their needs and their limits. “First you make a initiation to know each other and then acknowledged the others present. After a little bit of dance that has to do with the chakras to connect and then does the meditation end”, explained the professor Cisneros.

This proposal, which was fleshed out in Spain 1666, is intended for all those who are interested. It is not necessary to have prior experience in the practice of meditation or dance. “Can assist people over the age of 15 years and without age limit, because what is sought is to achieve a connection between the physical and the mental, by giving just what gives the body,” emphasized the professor Cisneros.

The workshop will have a duration of two hours and a half, and those who want to participate can register at the headquarters of Spain 1666.

The professor emphasized that the participants should attend in comfortable clothes. “That is the only requirement. It is not necessary to carry mat or slippers of dancing for the majority of the movements of meditation will be dancing barefoot”, he said.
Cisneros stressed that older people who have problems in the spine may also be present and participate in the class. “Each of the attendees will perform the movements that can, and as always, respecting the body,” he said.

Andrea Cisneros was received from a professor of classical dance in 2002 and arabian dances in 2004. Today he teaches at the studio that bears his name in San Martin, 947 and, in addition, gives classes as professor of dance and physical education in a secondary school.

Similar practices

This combination of dance and meditation, similar to that which will provide the teacher Cisneros, is known in other parts of the world as paneuritmia. This practice, created, like its music, by the philosopher Bulgarian Peter Deunov, is so simple that can be performed by both children and adults. Are movements, undulating arms, and legs that go from one side to the other and from top to bottom, to enter, little by little, in a calm state.

Through the sound, it works deep in the heart and by the movement, the nervous system and throughout the body, providing flexibility.

Is practiced by forming a circle and moving around it, in a contrary sense to the needles of the clock, with a musical background that accompanies gently each movement.

The dance consists of 28 steps. The first thing to keep in mind is that the paneuritmia should always be done outdoors. It can be done in a park close to the house, in the garden or if you are traveling, in the field, in the open air.

This dance helps you to get in contact with the living energies of nature and take advantage of them to achieve the main objective: to harmonize with the universe.

The paneuritmia is also known as the “dance of the soul” because it allows a more complete understanding of ourselves, that makes us to look at the challenges and difficulties of daily life from another perspective, cutting away the tension and stress.

Ardella Nathanael, one of its main broadcasters in the world from 30 years ago, was passing through Lima, and shared with us some of the movements of the paneuritmia. This woman has several videos, which can be viewed through the internet and are taught the steps of this practice.


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