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Air travel can be stressful for any passenger: the fear of flying and the reduction of space make the options of entertainment such as movies, music and games are not enough to kill the time. For this reason, various airlines began to implement programs of guided meditation for longer trips. This responds to a global trend, where more and more initiatives to relax the mind during the flights, even with applications to meditate with the cell phone, tablet, or personal computer.

The british airline Virgin Atlantic was the first to offer meditation programs, in 2011, and now has innovated with aromatherapy sessions for the executive class. In the past two years, Delta Airlines, united States, and British Airways joined apps with relaxation exercises to manage anxiety in the face of sudden movements and optimize the rest time. Even, Spring Airlines, China’s, trained their hostesses, so passengers can follow them in the choreography of stretch.

The last case is the Air France, that makes a little more than a month began to implement a new proposal for a mindfulness-board with the platform in Mind. Includes six meditation programs for adults, inspired by books of Christophe André, including his best-seller to Meditate day-to-day, and there are variants for children with titles such as The super powers of breathing, based on the works of Eline Snel, the instructor recognized worldwide.

All have video and audio, can be accessed from the individual screens, and are translated into several languages. “We wanted to provide an option for the passenger sits in harmony in an environment that is as particular as a flight, and to help him have an emotional balance,” says Denise Eljatib, head of marketing and communication of the company.

For most guys, who tend to be the most restless, these practices are good alternatives. “Exercises are easy, similar to a play, and for parents are very useful because they can do all of the time”, account PROFILE Snel on his book Quiet and attentive like a frog.

However, since Air France does not yet have data on the impact that this had on the passengers, claim that after the first test flight 90% of customers said they felt relaxed, and 85% stated that it improved their comfort.

Clear Badino, one of the pioneers that brought mindfulness to the country, welcomed the initiative because on a long plane ride “the passenger is trapped” and “can help to have less confusion.”

In addition, for Badino these practices also facilitate the work of the staff board. “A person can’t stretch your legs, sleep well and is restless during a flight requires more work to the hostesses. In contrast, in a state of distention becomes more serene”.


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