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Stressful commutes could become a thing of the past thanks to technology which detects emotional pressure and calms motorists down.

Biometric sensors throughout vehicles of the future could monitor the physical and mental state of motorists, detecting everything from their posture to respiratory rate and breathing depth.

Heart-rate variability can also be measured for stress response, while eye tracking and facial feature recognition can monitor alertness and emotional state.

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When the sensors suspect the driver is on the verge of becoming angry or could be losing concentration, a number of ‘bursts’ will be released to alleviate the problem.

Could a 'calm burst' be the answer to road rage on Gloucestershire ... - Gloucestershire Live 1

This is according to Hyundai, which is developing a ‘Health + Mobility Cockpit’ to manage the stress and other negative effects of driving.

The Health + Mobility Concept is broken down into five micro ‘experiences’ set around posture, scent, light, temperature and sound.

Could a 'calm burst' be the answer to road rage on Gloucestershire ... - Gloucestershire Live 2

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So when the sensors detect that the motorist is stressed, it releases a ‘calm burst’, which is designed to relax them.

This could be by allowing the seats to massage the driver’s back, releasing a number of scents such as lavender or eucalyptus to calm the driver or adjust the lighting to change their mood.

Different sounds will also be played through the stereo, whether it is to alert the driver after sensing they’re not concentrating or soothing acoustic music if they’re at boiling point.

The ‘Health + Mobility Cockpit’ is a concept at the moment which forms part of Hyundai’s future vision for «health-conscious vehicles».

John Suh, head of Hyundai Ventures, said: «For many the daily commute leads to stress, frustration, and the feeling of wasted time.

«In addition to automating the driving task, technology can also be used to shift a driver’s state of mind by creating conditions that cultivate a safer and healthier mental state, boosting their focus or helping them relax while traveling so that drivers might be less fatigued when arriving at their destination.»

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