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Yesterday, the sixth ruler of the Commission of Labour and Social welfare, Berenice Sosa Osorio, in coordination with the Institute Expert Judge (IPJ) convened at the #workshop «Criminal Minds», which will be given at the facilities of the Planetarium Ka Yok Cancun, the 8th of July.

The IPJ is a private institution, whose main function is to educate, empowering primarily to lawyers and Law students, preparing them to be part of the new Criminal justice System, in addition to other skills to perform as experts in criminal investigation with Programming Neurolingüistica.

In this matter the IPJ is the first institute of this kind in Quintana Roo, making a wide variety of agreements with different institutions, such as the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), which gives students the opportunity to perform professional practices in the field working directly with organizations that bring experience and knowledge to their learning.

As part of these efforts, it is the invitation to the above workshop, «Criminal Minds», which will be in charge of the teacher Alfredo Velazco, who serves as a psychologist with a specialty in Design of Profiles Criminology, in addition to another specialty in Research of the Scene of the #crime. In addition to his outstanding professional training, has extensive experience in various cases such as homicides, serial rapes, homicides, sexual in nature, and in analysis of the pattern of conduct at the crime scene.

The workshop will feature various topics among which are:

  • Introduction to the Profiling criminal.
  • Analysis of criminal behavior.
  • Analysis of the conduct at the scene of the crime.
  • Profile victimal in the research.
  • Research of patterns of behavior in serial killers and psychopaths.
  • Protocols of application in the field of profiling criminal (profile writing).

With these acquired skills, the attendees of this workshop will be able to refine the criminals, understand their behavior to make better investigations, or failing that, be able to pre-empt actions that could commit these people, or even detect individuals with criminal tendencies to be able to prevent acts that are against the law and threaten civil security and life of citizens.


programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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