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If you have not yet made the time to learn to meditate or go to yoga classes, you have a new alternative to relax: coloring books.

Yes, the new trend of coloring books that are created specifically for adults is a success and the publishing market is surprised with the sale of millions of copies of coloring books for adults.

For example, the book The Enchanted Forest, a coloring book created by illustrator Johanna Basford has sold over 200 thousand copies in only a month.

What is the secret of this success? For my part, I have experienced this many times (and unknowingly) the benefits of these books. Many of the times that I have started to paint with my daughters, I have managed to achieve a level of relaxation and well-being are wonderful.

Whether to achieve a ‘detox’ digital, ‘stop the mind’ or to let the mind we do not overpower for a while, these books are really effective and these days researchers claim that these books would have as much efficacy as the meditation to relax people.

That is to say, as a meditation, this kind of book allows us to do a ‘switch’ in the head and move from negative thoughts to ‘be’ in the moment, to focus on the images, colors, and disconnected for a while.

Much more than color

Books are for coloring, but also have a narrative that you help to transport your mind as you paint and, in short, to relax and feel better.

Researchers working on understanding what effects have these books claim they can help combat stress and anxiety. Also agree that the fact that, to the coloring, our body remains in a calm state for an extended period of time, they would also be as beneficial as meditation.

Art without intimidation

Another benefit of coloring books is that they allow adults to explore their artistic side without feeling the pressure or the fear of not being good enough. It’s not about making a painting or compete to become a new Picasso, but simply fill with colors designs already created.

In addition, when coloring an image, it is easier to replace negative thoughts with pictures more enjoyable. All the details of how to paint the edges, lines, etc, help definitely to disconnect and to relax.


Inkspirations is one of the brands in the market that offers coloring books for adults. The company defines her books as “the perfect antidote to this interconnected world”. These books help to ‘unplugged’ using just using pencils or markers.

Contra el estrés, colorea: libros para adultos inkspirations.jpg


The company Skyhorse offers a number of ‘Calming Patterns’ coloring either when you travel by train or plane, or when you want to paint outdoors, or in the park (or for when you simply haven’t had a day too long).

If you want to try how it works this system of coloring and relaxing, low these pages courtesy of Skyhorse and start to experience that beautiful feeling of relaxation…

Calming Patterns (click the link to download and print the page)

Flying Wonders (click the link to download and print the page)

Calming Patterns (click the link to download and print the page)


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