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Constelar is an inside job, personal, in which each one carries a pain that it seeks to resolve. It may be a conflict with the mother, the father, the children, the partner, the brethren. A pain ancestral, almost infantile, karmic, which they drag from generation to generation. It is not a matter of believing. Or popping. Just a matter of feel. To process the information that is “low” and see what happens.

This therapy fashion, known as Family Constellations, created by Bert Hellinger, a theologian, teacher, and German philosopher, born in 1925, a scholar of interpersonal relationships, which took elements of Gestalt, transactional analysis, nlp and systemic therapy family to discuss how to act in certain “traces” of the past to new generations. According to his theory, members of a “family system”, are tragically involved and influence each other in their health and in their behavior.

Clara López Gordillo, the soul of Strong Yoga, is one of his disciples. At the meeting in his center of Family Constellations of the street Austria, was attended by over 50 people, mostly women. Too many, I think, for a Sunday of sun. The meeting will last for almost seven hours, in which constelarán ten people in a group. It will embrace, will be back, they will cry, they will look to the eyes, or throw it on the floor, always quiet. They looked almost ten plays on a loop, you could say, if his secretary hadn’t explained the rules of the game previously: “those who come for the first time, we should not constelar. It is better to participate, take what you can retrieve from each constellation to make the click. For someone very mental, it is recommended that you notice, feel. If you get to choose as a representative of a constellation, just do what you feel and act accordingly. It’s amazing what happens here, energetically speaking. If ever you represented, do you think that the other is acting, but not. Interprets really feeling the constela”.

Clear helps us to devote ourselves to. We proposed to relax, sit rights, straighten the back and to immerse ourselves in this kind of meditation. Listen to Clear. I’m going to let her talk to draw their own conclusions: – What is the worst thing that we said of boys? Do you remember? What is the phrase they most hurt? How they were able to process it? What were in charge, the rejected? Why we have said that our fathers? What would have happened to them? Here we are working the feeling. Feel the body… Where it hurts now? That told us he was paralyzed inside us and not let us move. And whenever we do something, we have a wall forward with that voice… All of this work is to feel, not think. Go feeling. This is a work of the heart.

-The constellation releases blockages, without using the head. We are tired of thinking. We’ve thought of all the life. The head paralyzes us. How long have you had this idea circling above? And you know why? Because we remember a little bit, we are left with a word that we ruined her life, and we cut off the movement. A phrase prevents us from having success, makes us sick, is stuck inside, compresses the energy, leads us to the psychologist, the psychiatrist. The we keep repeating and we have compressed one here (points to chest). We have to feel it. When we feel, we release. The pain drains.

-When we are born, as babies, we were involved with what happens in the family system. We involve ourselves with the victims or with the perpetrators. Or with both at the same time. The only thing that sees our soul, is this situation traumatic and she stayed paralyzed, traumatized, abstracted. In the constellation we look for the antonym: to be innocent.

-A constellation starts here. Only begins. But it continues, continues and continues, sometimes for years. And I process in another way. What I transform. Because in life we always the same thing happens. That is the movement of karma. We are repeating situations all the time. And we will repeat them until we learn.

-The person who sits here, next to mine, is open because it needs to heal. If it really comes to constelar, it will show your soul and the most serious thing that happens to him. We cannot judge. First, because we are all the same thing happens. In one sense or another, we were wrong.

-Soltemos the trials. In a constellation everything hidden comes to light. See it each one. Nobody is going to know what we are processing. Each constela with each constellation.

-This is not therapy, is not psychology. We work energetically. It is a spiritual work.

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