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Many people have a lack of confidence. This brings some problems to function in daily activities which in the short or long term, ends up hurt. Fortunately, one thing we can choose is by neuro linguistic programming or NLP helps us to gain a lot more confidence.

1. Don’t focus on the fear

If you are only keeping the confidence based on the fear or in fear, you will not get to do anything because you will see everything hard to get. If you focus on that fear it all and you refuse to try anything, it is more than sure that your self-confidence will not come never.

2. Reflecting to others an image of confidence

The people who have confidence in themselves not only are very secure in themselves but that they FEEL as well. If you know of someone who is unsure of what to do, watch it very well. You will see that emits an aura of confidence that is heightened with each minute that passes. This means that not enough to feel safe, you have to prove it!

According to neuro-linguistic programming if you concentrate you can feel the flow of confidence that surrounds you until you have the certainty that this is something natural.

3. You feel that you’re going to be completely safe and in a familiar environment

While you practice steps 1 and 2 you will need to set a so-called “anchor NLP” For example, you can cross your fingers just at the moment in which you felt full and pay attention to everything around you and how you feel. When you feel that your confidence abandons you, repeat that movement and remember how you were and that you did what most vividly as possible.

4. Reinforces the anchor emotional

Then you just subtract to reinforce the anchor emotional that you have chosen to feel good with yourself and with enough confidence to face any type of problem. If you still don’t produce the benefit that you are looking for, it tells a loud voice how you felt that day and what you were doing in the most precise way possible what was it that you saw? What things have you heard? Any thing is good to remember how it made you feel full and confident in that moment.

Reinforces the anchor of all of the times you need it, as it is important in neuro-linguistic programming that those who practice it have enough confidence in himself to face any situation. It’s going to come a time in which you don’t need more of the anchor because the confidence will rise by itself.

Source: vix / MF


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