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Santo Domingo.- The way of thinking of many people and their awareness influences decisions both positive and negative, given that knowledge impinges on the impulse to act.

Based on the knowledge that everyone has about the limiting beliefs can generate barriers that prevent the achievement of their goals, although you want to both do it.

According to Silvia Contreras, Master Coach in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), in the life of human beings, yes it is possible to change of shoes, transforming the knowledge, then the limiting beliefs are one of the biggest barriers that prevent the achievement of the goals.

What do you think

Contreras explains that through neurolinguistic programming it is possible to enhance the current situation of an individual who seek to have a life more conscious, positive, and ecological, because this technique allows you to get to know and determine the cause of the thoughts because they determine behaviour and the way they operate in the outside world, being reflected in the successes, achievements or failures.

Accumulate experiences

He said that human beings accumulate experiences from the day they arrive in the world, that somehow come to define who they are or how they act, in addition to that in the first years of life, from three to seven, the environment and the environment may be installing a set of beliefs, both empowering as limiting.

The expert indicated that there are parents that limit the belief in the children, using as an example that many will say: men don’t cry, or all women are alike, making this programming to be coded in your brain and can have trouble having relationships or demonstrate their feelings for that info that was installed from your childhood. He said that NLP is an effective tool to help individuals to overcome these limitations, since it is a methodology that studies the structure of thought and how it impacts on communication.

To heal trauma

Silvia stated that through nlp you can heal traumas, phobias and allergies, the latter of which the majorities are based on fears and experiences, especially in the first seven years of the child.

Silvia, creator of the project, Change of Shoes, from where guides with themes of personal growth and empowerment, said that “to take that step and have a style of life more consciously from the point of view of nlp is to understand that the map is not the territory”.

Contreras concluded: “The majority of the communication issues come in because we want to impose our way of thinking to others and so come the problems of divorce and in the workplace.”

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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