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It is proven that having a positive attitude about life is beneficial to better living, but in addition helps one to cope with various problems of life. And here comes the resilience.

Marisa Rodríguez Martín holds a degree in Psychology and a masters in Neurolinguistic Programming. In this interview for The World, explains to us in detail what is resilience.

“It is the ability to adapt, recover and come out strengthened from any adversity”, A detailed capacity that provides an opportunity to overcome the challenges that arise in our day-to-day and be prepared for what’s to come.

Among the qualities that define a woman resilient is to be receptive, optimistic, with sense of humor, a dreamer, tenacious, influential and sure of herself.

It is for this reason that from three years ago started with a project that’s very noble, he created the Association “Women and lives resilient”, with the firm goal of stopping the violence on women and children, through proper guidance whether statutory and/or psychological.

This project began with the aim of helping many women, based on consulting professionals to support them in different situations and with the collaboration of an excellent work team.

However Marisa has been dedicated to look further: now your look is placed on the children, one of the most vulnerable sectors of society;his main research is in the dropout and the factors that cause many children and young people will leave their studies.

That is why it organizes various workshops, talks and conferences to create and build the resilience of the human beings beginning from the childhood.

One of his more recent works is to collect literary books, and coloring books through a campaign that seeks to promote reading in children living in communities far away.

Mariza has the strength, the kindness and the attitude of reaching out to more people and be able to help her through their conference. In the next few months will give a special lecture free and open to the public.

Laura Arely A.

The World of Orizaba

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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