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If you’re a dad or mom, Marian gives us a technique from NLP called Hipnopedia to support your children. Check out the video at the end of the note.

Why study Coaching in Neuro-linguistic Programming?

Neuro-linguistic Programming is an approach to psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, oriented to persons, groups of persons or companies to achieve success through self-knowledge and self-awareness.

What is coaching?

It is the art of working with the talents of individuals and ensure that they obtain satisfactory results. Coaching is a dynamic interactive process in which someone (a coach) assists another person (Coachee) in the achievement of their goals, assisting in the development of their own potential.

What does a coach with NLP?

A Coach in NLP in a real expert in generating changes in people short-term and permanently. It is a coach that teaches how to use the Language, through simple techniques to generate deep changes in the human beings.

What methods are used in a coaching session with NLP?

We use methods to solidify, generating the most effective abilities and skills of the traditional coaching along with the techniques of NLP, with tools of Personal development and Emotional intelligence.

In such a way so that it accelerates the ability to help people to get the results you want, giving you the certainty that you’ll make a difference in their lives thanks to a technology that works on the unconscious mind.

Who is targeted by this certification?

Intended for men and women over the age of 18 years who wish to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills of coaching; to apply them in your professional life, personal or family. Through the use of these procedures, techniques and tools students will learn how to extract from their customers, employees and their families the resources needed to achieve their goals and eliminate in the process the thoughts and limiting beliefs, fears, circuits and engramas mental disabilities that often prevent you from achieving the success to the people. You can be an expert highly trained to read and understand the verbal communication and non-verbal people; use the word and as a tool for accurate and effective, able to change in yourself and in others the patterns of thought and use the tools of NLP to support others.

What you will receive with this title?

You will be certified as a COACH, PERSONAL and EXECUTIVE WITH NEURO-linguistic PROGRAMMING with 90 hours of classroom training, supported additionally with a virtual platform which will allow access to complementary information useful in order to deepen, reinforce and refresh knowledge.

What you learn in a Coaching training with NLP?

To set and achieve goals.

  • Access to a state of maximum performance
  • Manage your emotional and mental states, and keep [email protected]
  • Unlock and develop skills and abilities
  • To gain and maintain the interest and curiosity of the people that listens to you.
  • Communicate easily and effectively with all types of people
  • Motivate others
  • Reach agreements quickly and effectively
  • Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs that are in your way to success
  • Improve and maintain your performance
  • Learn effective tools of leadership.

How to study the Course?

Through 90 hours of classroom training, separated in 2 Modules.

Module 1: Starts on Monday 18 September to Sunday 24. supported by instructors, highly trained, who comes from Bogotá, Colombia and is found as coaches in the whole of Latin america.

Module 2: From 13 to 19 November. In addition to the classroom training the student will get immediate access to a virtual platform which will allow you to access information from each module learned and will serve as a useful complement to deepen, strengthen and refresh knowledge, more books, videos, additions that will complete your training as a Coach.

Access will have access to the Latin american association of Therapists and Coaches, participating medical professionals, and therapists from different countries, to exchange ideas, share experience and support each other.

Who are the facilitators of this program?

Instructors, highly trained, who comes from Bogotá, Colombia and is found as coaches in all of Latin america:



Physician Surgeon specialist in Management of Social Security Institutions in Health and Audit in Health.

Psicoinmunoterapeuta. Instructor in Neuro-linguistic Programming, certified by the college of NLP, degree credited for training in the use of NLP.

Master Coach of the University of Marketing and Sales. Currently general manager of Neuro Traininig S. A. S company responsible to apply NLP in a personal way and to organizations.



Psychologist, specialist in Engineering of Quality and Human Behavior, certified at Practitioner, Master and Coaching with Programming Neurolingüística.

Psiconeuroinmunoterapia. Earned a Diploma degree in Application, Interpretation and Design of psychometric Testing – as Well as a graduate Diploma in skills and Management of Human Talent by Competencies.

Trainer in NLP from the School of NLP. With training in Pedagogy Family Systemic. He is currently pursuing certification as a cuentoterapeuta, which works with the symbolism and the essence of the metaphors in order to establish patterns in the unconscious that allow you to eliminate fears, phobias, limits and to establish patterns of excellence, a tool that is used within the processes of Coaching and Therapy.

Experience as a lecturer on issues of human talent and motivational for public and private organizations. It highlights his role as a trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching in business and public. Experience of more than 12 years as a therapist specializing in the care of children, adolescents, and family, and as a Coach, Personal and Executive.

For more information

[email protected] or on Facebook: Neurotrainig Argentina /Phone 3876855534

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