Chinese authorities forced a believer to eat human feces – lagranepoca

Left: illustration of torture: handcuffs and chains. To the right: illustration of torture: force-feeding of feces. (Minghui)

A man who has been illegally detained at a prison in China for years continues to be brutally tortured, it is another case of the worst violations of human rights committed by the Communist Party.

Zheng Huiwang has been jailed since 2008 in prison of Baoding, Hebei province, simply because they practice a form of meditation, traditional chinese, Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong). Since July 1999, practitioners of Falun Dafa have been the subject of a brutal campaign in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, begun by then-leader Jiang Zemin.

In a new detailed report by the human rights group Freedom House, describes the degree of persecution of the Chinese Communist Party, the Falun Dafa as “very high”. Jiang ordered the security forces to china “eradicate” Falun Dafa, and practitioners have been harassed, fired from their jobs, sent to slave labour, and often tortured in order to force them to renounce their faith. Even the elderly not skimp abuse.

According to a recent report from Minghui, a platform of information related with the persecution, Zheng continues to be tortured.

“The guards put handcuffs and chains to Mr. Zheng, tied together with a rope so that it can only sit with his back bent,” said the report, describing the torture as well as consistent with other reports of torture inflicted on practitioners and dissidents in china. “Could not straighten his legs for nothing. Sometimes the guards put the handcuffs so tight that they were deformed”.

The guards will also feed on playing with feces, he added. Zheng is often deprived of sleep by the guards. Earlier reports said that Zheng, who was arrested in his home in January of 2008, provided him with drugs without her consent, which induced vomiting and nausea.

Makes a few years, local villagers signed or put their fingerprints on a petition to free Zheng after know about your situation by the members of his family.

It is not clear exactly how many practitioners of Falun Dafa have been killed during the persecution, but in its report last year, investigative journalist Ethan Gutmann, the human rights lawyer David Matas and former canadian parliamentary David Kilgour, claiming that the forced abduction of bodies of victims in state hospitals has been rampant. The practitioners of Falun Dafa are the main target.

Their report estimates that are made between 60,000 and 100,000 organ transplants each year. Due to the inefficiency of the system of organ transplantation in chinese, the researchers believe that in the majority of cases, a transplanted organ means a victim murdered.

“Available evidence suggests that the forced abduction of organs from detained Falun Gong practitioners for sale in operations of transplantation, has occurred on a large scale and can continue to,” said Freedom House in its recent report, released in February.

Meanwhile, Falun Dafa continues to remain a taboo subject in mainland China and many chinese still believe the propaganda that the Communist Party has been using to attack its practitioners.

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