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Comes the summer, the holidays… and supposedly the relaxation. But what is certain is that stress takes its toll. You have to do something with him, and with a few more things. Meditation is something that increasingly demand more. An activity that is being implemented more and even, as a family activity. Its benefits are multiple, as it is a wonderful technique. So we were able to know of the hand of Ursula Calvo, instructor of Meditation and Emotional Intelligence expert.

But his life has not always been so. She herself has told us what it was that led him to radically change: “some dozen years Ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease in the back with a lot of pain and they told me that when he reached 40 years old would be in a wheelchair, you can imagine as I was. Whole life struggling to achieve a professional success…”. And that is that she started out as an entrepreneur very young and he did very well at a professional level and a personal level, as you acknowledge. After two marriages, Ursula managed to form a family a bit in the manner of the Serrano, as she has. Her husband had a son and she had a girl and then the two had another, thus closing the circle. “What I could not imagine it is I that was the customization of success, people saw me with that house, board, entrepreneur, very young, with a business pointer… how I had gotten to that point, in which I was literally dying. But it was not that disease, had long been bad, and not only was she sick constantly but was not happy. And I wasn’t happy because I woke up directly without a win, with a major effort to get ahead”, continues desvelándonos Ursula Calvo.

“99% of the times that we suffer is no need”

“I realized that something had to be done, and that he could not throw in the towel and my second husband helped me a lot to do this, to see the power that the mind has over the body, as a way to try to find a solution. I studied it in depth, I got to see some studies of Universities, and I called attention to the case of multiple personalities and how they can affect level not only psychological but physical as well”, explains the expert in meditation.

These studies referred to have their example, in the case of a child of 6 years who studied dr. Daniel Goleman, as well as details Ursula: “This child had 12 different personalities. It turns out that only one of the personalities of Timmy had an allergy to orange juice, and thanks to another of your personalities, this reaction disappeared”. To see this Ursula thought that there was an option: “My grandmother had for 20 years leukemia but did not die from this, but another thing to the 86, and that was when I heard his doctor when he knew it but decided not to tell… as if that wasnt enough I realized that I had an addiction stronger than any other drug that was ‘thinking’, I could not stop thinking about and had no control over what thought. In case outside little, all the thoughts I had were useless or negative. She was addicted to thinking, and I shared this addiction with the rest of the human beings. We are addicted to thinking and thinking makes us to be on another site that is not the now, in the present. The human being has approximately 60,000 thoughts daily, of which 90 per cent are recurring thoughts of others. And in the end is what makes us not to be happy. I saw how positive thinking helps you get your power, but the negative also. And in the end, our brain always strip the negative thoughts. 99 percent of the time that we suffer is no need for it. Well it is true that yes there is pain, a toothache, or one suffered by a person nearby. But we are thinking all the time what fun we had yesterday and how bad we have left something, without being able to do anything about those actions in the past”.

The stress and loss of time, great evils of the present society

Stress is the great epidemic of our century. It has been talked about ad nauseum on this topic, as it causes difficulty at the time to stop thinking and makes us have thoughts repetitive that does not leave us to act. In addition, the think reiterademente on the same thing makes us less creativity and a lack of intuition of truth, and to act by inertia. Usually, the time that “Ha! I’ve come to the idea”, comes just when you stop to think.

The loss of time is another of the consequences of having useless thoughts. If you do not lose much time in these repetitive thoughts, we would have time to think and act correctly.

In addition, another consequence is that a large part of those thoughts are judgments of value about ourselves, and come to us without any control, without thinking about whether they are true or not… We spent the whole day with thoughts that are inhibiting, between if I can or if I will be able to, between if is worth or not worth and you will think the society of my. That makes us lose ourselves.

On Wall Street, all the world meditates. There, has already reached a new generation in which to meditate is something important for executives who leave behind the image that we have of the executives aggressive.

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