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In this framework, the Minister Secretary General of the Governorate, Claudia Martinez, explained that “all the trainings are exceeding the expectations of our and we are demanding more to go to improve and perfect”. At the same time, he emphasized that from the management of the Governor Alicia Kirchner points to the ongoing formation of the human resource that performs in the area of the provincial government, through courses technical-practical: “(Alicia Kirchner) motivates us to work hard in the training, in training, in-service training in various trainings that have to do with the daily management of the public employee, the worker of the State”.
The two trainings were established from the Directorate of Education and Training, dependent of the Secretariat of State of Public Management of the Ministry of the Secretary General of the Governorate. In this way, the Course of Filling out Administrative was dictated by the Superior technique in Public Administration, Claudia Brown, and had a duration of two weeks.

Divided into two committees, the agenda discussed was, among other things, Rules for the drafting and completion of administrative documentation administrative, administrative Actions, Projects, decision-making and administrative Documents, records, and technical.
The objectives of this course were aimed to detect some of the main aspects of communication in organizations, to provide theoretical tools of communication, identify their limitations and problems, and generate ideas and concepts for better development, through dialogue and debate.

On the other hand, the Course of Care to the Public, in charge of the technical University in Public Relations, Ceremonial, Protocol and Organisation of Events, Claudia Almonacid, was issued in two classes, and encompassed the treatment of Tools to improve the attention of all the ministries and entities and to Stimulate processes of permanent training in the full scope of the central administration.
For this reason, the agenda dealt with topics such as the Causes of the poor quality of the service, Seven errors of the services with attention to the public, Features the quality of a service with direct attention to the citizen, the basic Components of human behavior, The curve of the Hostility, The thoughts that direct our behavior, The self-control of emotions, neuro-linguistic Programming, basic Principles of care for the citizen, and assertive Communication.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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