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GROWTH: Jack Carty has matured away from music over the past year, which he believes has improved his songwriting.

JACK Carty has finally learnt the art of relaxing. Something that has never come naturally for the confessed workaholic. This is a man who used to check emails frequently in a cinema.

“I am literally in a car at the beach and I’m going to go for a swim in a sec,” Carty told the Newcastle Herald. “I’ve starting running and exercising which chills me out too. It’s about being smart with my time, so I’m going to bed earlier and I’m starting to act like an adult, rather than being a young musician in a constant haze.”

It doesn’t sound like your typical rock’n’roll lifestyle, but it’s all been a part of the growing-up process for the 29-year-old indie-folk singer-songwriter. Until the past year, Carty has always operated in a constant state of flux, living the free-spirited artist lifestyle.

It has served him well. His five albums since 2011 have been received strongly and singles like She’s Got a Boyfriend and Be Like The Water have displayed a talent for melody and story-telling.

I’m starting to act like an adult, rather than being a young musician in a constant haze. – Jack Carty

Married life with his wife Natasha over the past year has been a calming influence.

“We’re not one of those couples who got married thinking it would change that much and it hasn’t, but it’s also changed everything,” he said. “It’s a subtle thing. It makes you realise that you want to build something with a bit of stability.”

Relaxation and contentment hasn’t meant laziness. Carty has finished recording his sixth album, which is slated for release later this year.

“It’s basically me and string quartet, so quite different to my earlier stuff,” Carty said. “It’s recorded in a spontaneous and live way. It’s not a live album, but it’s recorded quite live. The string arrangements are incredible, so I’m really excited about it.”

Carty has a strong reputation as a lyricist and not surprisingly current world events such as Trump’s presidency have fuelled his forthcoming album, as well as more personal concerns.

“Lately I have been writing more about what’s going on in the world, it seems like it’s a complex and scary time at the moment,” he said. “The new album is about the process of taking responsibility and transiting from being an airy-fairy artist and trying to create all the time, to having a good life and taking responsibility for myself and building something sustainable.”

 Carty can claim Novocastrian links. While he was bred in Belligen on the mid-north coast and lives in Sydney, his mother and youngest brother Dashiel live in Newcastle.

The family moved to Belmont after Jack left home to accommodate Dashiel’s state junior soccer commitments. While the football career never eventuated, Dashiel formed the rock band, The Theaves, and studies architecture at the University of Newcastle.

Jack Carty plays at 5 Sawyers on March 16.


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