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This company, directed by frenchman Yannick Rivière, has managed to position itself as one of the most important of its kind in the country

When Yannick Rivière met Venezuela, fell in love with this country. He felt that to undertake this nation would be a challenge that what it would take to achieve that freedom that I had been yearning for years. He is from France, and although he recognizes that in his native land the conditions are given for a person to live in complete safety, felt that in this so-called “Land of grace” the reality leads a person to undertake new and greater challenges that will become a total success.

But before we talk about their relationship with Venezuela, it is better to remember how he began his relationship with the coaching profession that develops from more than a decade ago and who has been able to consolidate one of the most important companies of its type in Venezuela: Caracas Coaching.

It all began in his native country, when he worked as director of Communications at a university. Unlike several people, who decide to dedicate themselves to coaching by an event that marked their lives, the motivation of Rivière was able to offer more tools to the board of directors of the house of studies. While he was training he knew he had to dedicate himself to this business.

Although he confesses that these early practices had some deficiencies, compared with those made today, this French believes that one of the qualities that have helped in their growth has been their discipline and commitment to stay attached to the methodology.

A few years after you came on vacation to Venezuela and she knew that this would be the land in which it would succeed.

–How easy or difficult did you implement your knowledge in a culture so different to yours?

–It has been very challenging, because, honestly, you will never finish to understand a culture, including your own. Then, every day there are things that surprise me of the venezuelans. This reinforces what I always say in coaching: the truth is that one knows little thing, especially when you’re a foreigner.

–How is positioned currently in Caracas Coaching?

–This company was born seven and a half years, I am quite proud of what we build because we are today the school number one in the country. I started from the computer in my house and we already have a long way advanced. We have managed to stand firm on what coaching is and not letting ourselves be distracted by other paths. There are many people who don’t actually have any title that endorses, as a coach, but it is said to be because they studied a few things. It is important that when approaching a coach, find out your training.

–Apropos of that, you not only provide workshops to clients, but they are a training school. What is it? How long does it last?

–Has a duration of 236 academic hours, distributed over fourteen weekends between September and February. Has a module of theory of coaching, another of neurolinguistic programming and a third of practices.

The propose of two ways: if you’re in Caracas, you can do it face-to-face; but if you live in the interior of the country, we offer you the opportunity to study the theoretical classes way online and in the six kinds of practice you approach to the nearest city to which they travel our teachers: Valencia, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, San Cristobal, Maturin, Puerto La Cruz and Puerto Ordaz.

–Just now they’re doing a tour of those cities that you mentioned. Is it to promote the training?

–Is one of our purposes. The other is to spread the knowledge of what really is the coaching in those potential customers.

–In your vision as a coach, what can we do faced with the situation that is currently facing Venezuela?

–The first thing is to understand that where many see obstacles, others see opportunities. That’s why I’m here. I still think that this country is full of possibilities, you just have to find recruiting them.

I understand and respect people that want to go, because I am a product of that and has been quite enriching for me. But if you’re not accustomed to in growing up, but to flee, you lose the course.

On the other hand, and without going into the political issue, I think we should all think about in the morning. The people you’re attacking, you’re headed in a violent way, are your own neighbors, friends and family. The people have no other option than to agree. Coexistence is mandatory.

–To finish, how I can anticipate what projects are being developed currently?

–We’re setting up formations, shorter, equivalent to about sixty hours, but that they are directed to those who have already graduated from the first level of our training. Are specializations in emotional intelligence, organizational entrepreneurship, and sales.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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