Capitalism emotional: do More-Peat with the “I”? –

For some people, today I tap session “therapeutic” of NLP (neurolinguistic programming). Other, obediently devour books jeans self-help, they will go enthusiastically to the many certifications coaching or enjoy states of flow in positive psychology. A few more exotic, will attend the weekend at the third level of your training life. Those fans of Cesar Lozano, you will motivate with your phrases “matonas”. The minority -unfortunately – think and go with mental health specialists. Change individuals than it is to change society it has become an obsession, as well as reduce goals existential to a sequence of actions, “tips” and clichés. Both trends esnobistas monopolize the communication media, ensuring the maximum benefit with the minimum effort possible and install the domestication of human desire.

So, a sunflower pointing towards the opposite side of the sun, is an idiot; as a escherichia coli is not able to log into your membrane potassium and excrete sodium (Cerejido, 2017). In this sense, the subject is postmodern is a zombie that does not distinguish the reality from its representation, which appeals to the optimism before that contribute to a rational debate about our everyday problems and enjoying wla long-awaited ejaculation hedonistic. What I find disturbing is that stories of life are diluted in formats banal of these narratives of performance therapeutic. In consequence, the cognitive capitalism (Illouz, 2011) is proud of its devices of obedience and social control, of the denial of the ambiguity and emotional of the introduction of managerial criteria in the affective life as well as gain-loss-or middle-end.

In both the psychology remains one of the disciplines of socio-humanistic that despolitiza, the understanding of our experience will be merely instrumental. As pointless as masturbating in excess; the “I” will walk the glorious showing your priapism at the supermarket of souls, and is camouflaged as a street vendor of happiness in an environment of injustice and social exclusion.

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programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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