‘CANI’: The principle of personal development – Part 2 – Guardian

'CANI': The principle of personal development – Part 2 - Guardian 1

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Our lives are given to us as raw materials, just like many other available commodities. For instance, God gave us crude oil, but we had to refine it into such things as petrol, kerosene and paraffin, which are usable.

There are many things you have within that could be used to impact your world, if only you go through the refining process. The potential lies within you to be anyone you desire, but you have to go through your own refining process for those potentials to become real achievements.

Greatness in a man is deposited by God in form of seeds. However, it is man’s responsibility to cultivate those seeds into maturity.

You are the architect of your destiny
Personal change begins with the mind. Always remember that every man is the architect of his own destiny. Your thoughts about yourself are a design, which is stored in your mind. The question is: what have you designed? The designs you have in mind will translate to reality in the future. You need to be deliberate with pictures you allow in your mind, create excellent designs, and let God’s Word be the frame for those beautiful pictures.

Apostle Paul, in the book of Romans, instructs us to be ‘transformed’ by the ‘renewing of our minds.’ The word “transformed” there also means metamorphosis. Fresh information creates new paradigm.

I would like to emphasise the power of reading here. When you have the right information, it creates new ideas. It creates new approaches to things and as you renew your mind, you undergo a metamorphosis – you are transformed!

You can be better!
The law of growth implies doing your best to grow to your maximum level. We must always remember that there is a better way to do things. It is our job to find the better way at every given time. We must, therefore, seek to be better, if we must achieve greatness. We can only be better, as we renew our minds.

A University degree is not enough to truly achieve greatness. It is the intentional hunger for self-growth, which drives you to seek more information that translates into your personal development journey.

Greatness is a function of compound interests. You have to keep at it consistently. Inspiration always responds to motion so start where you are and inspiration will find you.

Remember that the quality of preparation determines the quality of performance. The season for preparation is not necessarily the season for manifestation. Results that are celebrated in the open are simply products of secret preparation. God, Who sees in secret, will reward you openly.

Christopher Morley said, “Big shots are little shots who kept shooting.”

Today Matters
Do not stall in achieving the little things. All the things we put out to do tomorrow can be done today. Today matters. Love your wife, respect your husband, and treat your children right TODAY. Do not postpone it anymore.

I would like you to take this confession with me today: “Better days are ahead of me, better years are ahead of me, things are getting better. I will achieve greatness. I will fulfil my destiny. I will maximise my potential.”

I would love to hear from you; @yemidavids, pastoryemi@globalimpactng.org or visit www,globalimpactng.org or The Goodland, Ifako Bus Stop along Ogudu-Oworo Expressway, Lagos. @Globalimpactng. See you next week!


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