Birthday; meditation – Jaya

Rosal Elba Carrón.
Rose Elba Carrón.

Ing. Nelson Martinez, doctors Bernabe Polanco, Rafaelito Cereals and Gery Soda. Modesto Rosario and her daughter Johanny, Cristian Bueno Tavares, Carlos Eduardo Brugal Tillán, Kelvin Kings. Ladies Xiomara Hernández González, Minera Lajara Castle, Infant Delgado, Agripina Martinez, Josephine Pauline (Fifa), my dear children, Rosa Maria Almanzar de Oleaga, and Dr. Luis Almanzar Carrón. The young Luisa Liriano Lora in New York.


The future depends on the relationships and not the money. It is necessary to help you to be able to use that money with those in need. Money is a means, the ambition of the money is toxic, many times by that ambition is lost, the family warmth (not dedicated the necessary time to strengthen the family), lose health, spiritual peace. You can go to the prisons, orphanages, to share with others.

Salvation is a gift of God, there are those who have money, comfort, but do not have the Lord in your heart. A community that takes care of the needy and help from the heart to the needy, they are with the Grace of God.

You have to stay in relationship with the Lord, learning to live in Grace.

Live the life with integrity, with humility, with love of God. To act as the Lord wants, we have to be clear and honest. To be a man of piety, is one who has discovered that it depends on God. The gives you security, God is everything.

Men of faith do not despair, do not become distressed, because they have the certainty that God does not give us deserts them.



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