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This is where you get the mindfulness, which can be understood as attention and full consciousness, as presence is attentive to and reflective of what is happening in the present moment. The intention is that the person focus on the present moment in an active mode, trying not to interfere with or appreciate what that feels or is perceived in each moment. As a therapeutic procedure search, first of all, the emotional aspects are accepted, and lived in his own condition, without being avoided or try to control them. The control over events uncontrollable, subject to automatic processing, requiring mere experimentation and natural exposure with the least possible interference. Although mindfulness has gained a certain notoriety, especially in the USA, of the hand of the values oriental, refers to some aspects already known in psychology: exposure and self-regulation based on the techniques of biofeedback , or the use of hypnosis, where you have to let the phenomena of perceptual and sensory display as they are.

The reasons for meditating, and practicing mindfulness are many, for example to decrease stress and anxiety, or increase focus and productivity.

When explaining the why of mindfulness and the practice of meditation is key to focus on the main objective, and it is that human beings become more intimate with their life experiences, both good and bad, positive or negative.

For children

Today to teach children to focus on breathing and the present moment can have a value much more beneficial in the long term. A study published in the says what are the advantages of this ancestral method in infants with the example of a school in Baltimore, U.S., in which it is practiced. Although the studies are not as advanced as in the case of adults, these are the benefits that can be obtained. Among other things, increases the self-pity. When you face a difficult circumstances, it is easy to turn inward and blame yourself. Often it is said that attention has two wings: conscience, or the ability to see things with clarity, and compassion. This practice of becoming aware of the constant negative inner chatter and treating the self with kindness has been incredibly useful to help you through the many challenges of life.

It also helps to be able to recognize the habitual thoughts and allow them simply to pass, which has a liberating effect. The ability to cope with changes and challenges is another of the benefits of this practice. When you allow yourself to recognize that things do not go as planned, or that are difficult or painful, you’ll be more able to find solutions where possible, but also, perhaps most important, is to accept things as they are.

The Mindfulness also helps us to be aware that the life is in a constant change and that things change all the time.


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