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The model and businesswoman Laura Sanchez and musician David Ascanio have created ‘healthy day’ of the signature Bloomers & Bikini, a day that has already passed by Castelledefels and Javea, and now sets sail to Marbella (July 11) and Huelva (July 15), a day in which all those women who sign up will participate in classes in yoga, nutrition, feeding tips, zumba, pilates, GAP, stand-up paddle surfing… A different day on the beach and that has already had three editions.

To know more about this project we spoke with Laura Sánchez, star of our ‘cares’, who is one of the bearers of healthy life style, as his great friend, Veronica Blume, with whom we already have shared space in this page.

“I get up very early. Yesterday at 6.30 I got to do my hour of yoga. At 7.30 we got to ride all day on the beach with activities. It worked very well doing sports early. At sunset I hooked into the stand-up paddle surfing. It is a sport more feminine than masculine, but we have much more balance than men. In addition, it does not take way, you are in the water and you’re in a gym, and you exercise the whole body, which I love,” he says.

Almost three thousand kilometers as if they were musicians touring the peninsula and perhaps in the winter to make these days healthy in warmer places. Three years of projects that have increasingly had more days and a acceptance more, to care is trend and to the side of the healthy life is present in all levels, even in the summer.

“I am German by birth, and I organize myself tallying up everything, I like that the plans go well (as the Team), and I understand that not everything will turn out fine, or will it rain when will you do the healthy day, or something does not arrive. This week for example we it has rained a little, but in the end it is only water. I organize myself like all women, mothers, workers. Yesterday just in Jávea and tomorrow organized a parade in Vejer de la Frontera, we return to Marbella and the Tuesday in Puerto Banus, the last event of the year. The key is to balance everything very well in the agenda, and knowing improvise”.

laura sánchez

Yoga, exercise, bodybuilding, fitness, meditation, are rituals of well-being that performs the model, and businesswoman.


The sport of fashion, though Laura Sanchez is a student with an advantage. “The yoga I was hooked sporadically by friends who were teachers it has been 8 or 9 years. I started slowly, then went to classes, I can not do bikram yoga because I have the tension very low. I am not a fánatica of yoga nor do I have the versatility of Veronica Blume or Vanessa Lorenzo. I like it because I feel very well and in this chaos that we have, that are fundamental to these 40 minutes to charge the day.


Yoga and a little lighter to keep you at 100 %. “The yoga I combine it with the fitness, I try to do weights for half an hour and the next half, instead of stretching normal I do half hour of yoga to stretch all the muscles of the body, and then 10 minutes of meditation. It is one of the best times of the day. When I bent to Veronica, how you do it… The key is to go little by little, each day you get a little bit more, and it begins to be a challenge with yourself”.

Do you have a coach? “I have a coach who is my daughter, is 11 years old, is very athlete. I do not have the gene sports, but she did. I feel very good with the exercise, she corrects a lot”.

The project Bloomers Day

“Women are very to do things in the herd. In the Bloomers Day is point to the mother, the aunt, the sister, groups of friends… when they arrive we give them a welcome bag, with your bikini, your towel, your class with Pronokal, a class with the solar-powered Hawaiian Tropic, is like the day of Kings, and we had a great time. There is a very good atmosphere and the teachers are local, so many can come to the classes and already know the choreography.


The key to a healthy life, as we see daily in Sport and Life. And Laura is a standard-bearer of a healthy lifestyle. “I’m the heaviest in the world speaking on the topic. I met Pronokal and at the beginning it seemed to me very aggressive, but I collaborated with them on several occasions, I visited the laboratories, everything, have drawn a plan that is KNP Cellulite, and said, let’s see… not needed to lose weight, but orange peel skin and cellulite we have all the women. After 62 days of diet with doctors, has changed my life, I am very heavy in to say it, but I have lost 6 kg of fat and two of weight. I didn’t have to lose anything,” he tells us.

All the fat that was lost, was gaining in muscle. I have changed the eating habit. Vegetables before it was a snap and now is key, the main thing. Before I put the alarm clock and remoloneaba for an hour, and now the first tone because jump. It’s like I have more energy.


The models take care of all the details, and the great care that puts Laura on his face gives a good idea of what meticulous that it is in their rituals. “I care the face a lot, do not go out without sun protection, I’ve removed the stains but they come out again, so as much winter as in summer, solar protection, is the only thing that always respect”.

“The rest, I am fortunate to be hooked to Blemish in Madrid, I customized a lot of the creams; I also have my routines for desmaquillarme every night, with soap on the face, cleaning with towel warm… it takes me five minutes to do it.”

What a challenge this summer? “Whenever I start to think about quitting smoking after the summer, and don’t get it”, he confesses.

You can register for the following days healthy on the beach up in this link.


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