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iCrowdNewswire – Mar 8, 2017

Awaken The Giant Within A documentary that explores the art and science of personal growth and discovery. Having struggled with anxiety, depression, and an overpowering fear of failure and death, we finally made a conscious decision to take control of our emotions and to begin working on empowering ourselves. We quickly became aware of how many others are struggling with similar and often worse issues. We hope this documentary will bring people together and begin a movement that celebrates your human capacity to overcome fears and achieve your biggest dreams. Join us in Awakening The Giant Within! What Is Our Story?

Awaken The Giant Within is a feature length documentary about self-improvement, pushing boundaries, and achieving dreams. This movement began as something much smaller, a birthday present from me to my younger brother Karl-Emil. Being at his lowest point of anxiety and depression, I wanted to give him an experience that would inspire him. A dramatic change of setting could kick-start his process of regaining mental, emotional, and physical strength. My brother has been dealing with anxiety for most of his life and has spent the last year in a severe depression. At the time he was feeling like a failure after having dropped out of school twice, missed countless commitments due to anxiety attacks, and experienced a significantdecrease in physical health. The school in which I graduated from a few years ago and which my brother attends, Frankfurt International School, was very understandinginsupporting my brotherduring his time therebut also after dropping out of his grade. They expressed a genuine interest in giving him the care that he specifically needed by notapplying further pressure when he has at his weakest. Being given some time to focus on getting better I hoped that I could help him begin a process of recovery.I wanted to get him back on his feet to let himdiscover the giant that was and has always been within him. I signed us both up to compete in an 18km obstacle course that would challenge us mentally and physically all the while pushing us both completely out of our comfort zones. I had no idea what the obstacle course would give him, but I knew that he would be forced to change his mindset and actions in order to compete. From the moment that I signed us both up, this project has continued to grow into something much larger than just the two of us.

I have personally struggled with an intense fear of failure for most of my life. I have always been irrationally afraid of what people thought of me, usually twisting reality to suit my pessimistic interpretations. I have also been afraid of knowing with myself that I could have done something better. This has in turn made me obsessed with completing tasks to the best of my ability. Most people probably perceive this as a positive trait as it has led me to achieve degrees of success that I am definitely proud of. However, more often than not, this fear has been holding me back from taking on bigger ventures and dreams.

For the past couple of years I have not taken action on major opportunities because I didn’t believe they were possible for me. I was afraid of failing. These dreams didn’t go away, but would rather linger as constant pains that I couldn’t escape from. I quickly discovered that alcohol was very successful at numbing this pain and so I started to abuse it. I would spend multiple days straight watching movies about other people achieving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual success. Under the influence of alcohol, I felt a false sense of connection with these achievements. Once the alcohol wore off, the original pain had become stronger and I had made no progress of my own. These were by far some of my darkest and most painful experiences. I reached a point where I knew that if I kept going down thatpath, recovery would become impossible. I finally decided to face my fear of failure and made myself believe that I could change even though it appeared hopeless. I began to read self-help books, workout consistently, eat healthy, and consciously engage my fears on a daily basis. Since that decision, I have stayed completely sober, started my own business, and begun training for my first marathon. There are so many other dreams that I have begun working on, and this project is one of them. Having succeeded in massively changing my lifestyle, mental state, and feeling of personal fulfilment, I wanted to try and help my brother succeed in this way as well.

The Documentary

So let’s talk more about the documentary itself. On the 13th of May, along with our 4crew members, my brother and I will embark on an 8 day trip through Germany. Our goal is push ourselves further than we have ever gone before.We will be competing in an 18km obstacle course organised by Tough Mudder, kayak theworld famous white water river Loisach, and summit Germany’s tallest mountain, Zugspitze. The Tough Mudder race will force us to work together as a team and face challenges likemud slides, barbed wire, and ice water. Having never kayaked before, the Loisach river will test our ability to adapt and learn quickly under pressure. Summiting Zugspitze will require us to scale vertical cliff sides using rope, navigate a glacier, and ascend nearly 3,000 vertical meters in under 8 hours.Determination, confidence, and a goal oriented mindset will play a key role here. So why do we want to take on all of these physical challenges?We believe that extreme situations like the ones we will put ourselvesin, can literally be life changing if we succeed in anchoring them to important values and beliefs.The core of our trip anddocumentary revolves around making a conscious decision to begin finding out what we want to do with our lives.What do we want to achieve? How do we want to be remembered? Once we find answers to these questions we will begin working on bringing them into reality. What kind of person do I need to be to get there? What is holding me back? How can I turn my weaknesses into strengths? We have spent enough time dreaming, now we want to do something about it. We believe that we can inspire others to begin the same process in their own way.

We know that the documentary will naturally take on a life of it’s own once we begin the trip. We are so excited to see where it will take us and know that what we capturewill above anything else be genuine and true. As a filmmaker with a background inscript writing,cinematography, and editing I have been planning and preparing this documentary for the past 4 months. We plan to capture the trip in a truly breathtaking and original way, that mirrors the magnitude of what we are experiencing physically, emotionally, and mentally. The cinematography will place us withnature and will convey visually what we are experiencing internally. The script that I have created places our story as one amongthe many stories experienced around the world. The scriptalso seeks to portray our minds and what we allow our minds to think about in an excitingnew way. This is something thatwe have spent weeks conceptualising and bringing into reality.This original and challenging idea is what will makeAwaken The Giant Within stand out as an important film that needs to be seen in the world we live in today.

Why Is This Project Important?

My brother allowed me to make a short documentary about his battle with depression and anxiety which can be seen on my Youtube Channel. The video showed my brother’s first steps in beginning to overcomesome of his struggles. After releasing it, so many people reached out and told their own stories.It was truly touching and eye-opening. We quickly became aware of how universal these issues are. We noticed that people feel like they cannot discussabout their issues, as they are still misunderstood by the vast majority of people. Mental health issues are not spoken about openly and this needs to change. Our film will begin that conversation and make it possible for people tofeelheard and understood. Our personal experiences have led us to discover the potential and strengthwe all possess. We want to spread this message in an engaging and effective way.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt, is the importance of sharing what I discover as I continue to grow. By passing forward what I learn I am potentially helping someone, but I am also making it even clearer for myself. Teaching something to someone else is often the best way of learning it yourself. This is precisely what we aim to do with our campaign. We want to bring as many people together as possible. This way we can all collectively learn from one another and make this project the best it can be.In the world that we live in todayan estimated 350 million people suffer from depression and suicide is the second leadingcause of death among people ages 10-24. Young people are becoming increasingly unable to handle the growing pressures that modern societyputson them.The statistics prove that too many people feel like they have nowhere to get help. It isimportant that we begin to change ourperspective on what our problems mean for us and for those we love. We believe that it is crucial to approach our problemswith the mindset that we have the solution ourselves no matter how difficult if may be. This isan intimidating thought, but it is what will empower us to make lasting changes. As a way of becoming a community, we have designed Awaken The Giant Within armbands that everyone who contributes can wear. Additionally, we will be sendingeveryone an extra armband that they can give to someone who might need a helping hand. Reach out to people and help give this movement a voice. Please contact us if you wish to receive more armbands.

Your Contribution

The financial contribution that you make to this project will solely go toward funding our trip in May.

We have been working on this project full time, and will continue to do so until it is completed. Up until this point we have funded the project out of our own pockets and will soon need financial support to continue working on it. Additionally, we are putting together a 4 man crew consisting of a producer, cinematographer, camera assistant, and sound recorder. Theywill all be working with us for at least 2 weeks part-time leading up tothe trip. They will then be working full-time for another two weeks as we proceed into the production stage of the film. Their involvement and expertise is absolutely crucial in doing this project justice, andwill require a significant cost. The entire crew will befully emerged in the experienceof the trip. They will bebattling the elements along with us and this will also require proper outdoors equipment. To capture this adventure in the most effective way we will need to significantly upgrade our filmmaking equipment. Telephoto lenses, wide angle lenses, time-lapse gear, drones, action cameras, stabilization rigs, portable charging stations, and much more will be needed to complete production of this film. Funding the month long campaign, along withthe money we have already put into making the video armbands, will/hasracked up a feethat needs to be covered. We hope that our campaign can reach as many as 2,000 people.

As you probably noticed the above budget adds up to more than the 45,000 we are trying to raise through this campaign. This is because we are very interested in partnering up with some of the brands whose networks supportvalues that we want to promote. We hope that their involvement will cut some of thecosts or supply the remaining budget. The above budget also doesn’tmention any post-production costs. As briefly mentioned above, we have very exciting things planned in this regard and cannot yet calculate their full costs. When we have the success of this campaign supporting us, we will be able to move on to the next step. However, we truly need your help in getting there.Contributingis not the only way that you can get involved, spreading the wordis just as valuable. Our social media and Indiegogo share tools will allow you toshareour campaign withthe world.

Our Promotional Videos

To promote this movementwe have created some immersive and interactive360videos that will allow you to virtually take part in our training. These videos feature my brother and I preparing ourselves mentally and physically forthe challenges this May.We will be releasing them throughout the duration of the campaign as we reach financial goals. We are so excited to continue on this journey with you and willupdate you regularly with progress reports, videos, and personal messages!



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