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The benefits of #Yoga in daily life, they are at this point, undisputed.

Alicia Gutierrez King is a professor of Zentangle from 2015. It is one of the few people in Spain that counts with the official certification, which is only issued in the united States. Currently she teaches workshops for various councils and departments of women in Madrid and in different points of Spain. The technique or the #Art of Zentangle has begun to grow in much of the world. The so-called Mental Yoga, consists in making drawings with very few patterns repetitively.

You don’t need more than paper, pencil and pen-fine tip. It is a #Meditation through drawing, which helps to promote concentration and inner peace, an inexhaustible source of creativity.

The couple formed by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts have been the first patented and are responsible for issuing the official courses that certify those who advance in this practice. The name is the conjunction of the terms Zen, which means meditation and Tangle which has the meaning: scribble. The simplicity of the technique makes this activity gain more and more followers.

How would you define the Zentangle?

Zentangle is a drawing technique that is relaxing, creative, a tool that helps you to relaxation and meditation. Helps to disconnect the brain of the run run daily..

When did you first start to practice it, and as you become a teacher?

I met Zentangle in 2015, for concern own, and I decided to become a certified teacher in the US, when you have to make a change in my life, in my interior. Too much anxiety and ogres inside that you were growing, I knew I had to stop them with a trip, and be a certified teacher of zentangle was an “excuse” to do so.

What aspect of this technique, it may connect with the conventional practice of the Yoga?

In Zentangle we don’t need a space, mats, or clothes that are comfortable, but if you need tranquility, natural light and time to give to ourselves. It is a “mental yoga” that we can actually do at any site,

What degree of difficulty have the Zentangle for a person who does not know how to draw?

None, Zentangle is for all people, seniors or children, whether they know or not to draw. In my workshops always repeats the same pattern, people who the first thing they do upon entering is to say “I don’t know to draw, drawing worse than a baby, drawing fatal”…

and at the end you realize and come out empowered by seeing their authentic works of art.

Do you think that can serve as an alternative to a traditional therapy?

As an alternative not because Zentangle is not in itself a therapy. I am very respectful of that, and now called art therapy to all. It is not, but if it is a perfect accompaniment to any of them. I have specific cases that have been found in Zentangle output to certain diseases that after years of searching had not found.

What other disciplines or techniques are taught in the school?

The school only is Zentangle, what happens is that once we have opened the field of vision, we will expand more creativity, and Zentangle be merging with many other creativity techniques, or meditation.

What can be performed by children?

Of course, the best thing of all is that the same exercise can do children and adults, without which none of the two will have to adapt to the other.

Who would you recommend this activity?

To all people regardless of their sex, age, state of mind. Especially to people who feel unsafe, with a lack of empowerment, who want to alleviate anxiety, to children who need the care full.


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