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If you’ve ever felt that everything around you moves too fast, that you have little time to yourself, or that you let yourself go through the routine without stopping a minute to think of you, or simply to do nothing, you’re not the only one.

Today we are surrounded by thousands of stimuli, the working hours are very long, the days are very short and we barely have time to become bored or simply get away from it all.

The stress is becoming more and more frequent, it’s time that you detect its symptoms in children, and the society vertiginous in which we live does little to change it.

Leaving aside gurus and sellers of smoke, when we think of the opposite of stress the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a yogi or a buddhist monk in the lotus position. This cliché of the calm, the relaxation, the absolute, has its part of truth, and it is that meditation helps to slow down a bit and stop to think of one’s self, in how we are and to appreciate something as simple as sitting and breathing, as is.

Recommended to sleep better or to relax in the work, the meditation is free, you can practice it at any place, just will take a few minutes of your time, it is suitable for all audiences and, although it is not miracles, it can help you feel a little more cool or to clear your mind if you find yourself stuck or overwhelmed by your day-to-day.

There are workshops, courses, support groups, and a myriad of places and groups where to learn meditation or to put it into practice. You do not need to adopt or change religion or deslomarte to try to achieve the lotus position. Simply with one of the following apps, which will help you to achieve the same purpose on your own, wherever you are and with the only help of your mobile phone and a headset. With a few simple steps you’ll be able to disconnect and have a few minutes of quiet.


Meditation is associated with buddhism, which in Japan is called zen. Hence the name of this app, that has the purpose to teach you to meditate by using practical lessons.

In Zenfie (Android, iOS) you will find 10-minute sessions divided into several parts, explained with text and voice, will help you to relax before you leave the house, before bedtime, or simply when you need to disconnect.

In addition to the practical part with exercises (10 for free and others of payment) and theoretical where he explains philosophical concepts or spiritual as attention or full consciousness (mindfulness) or live in the present, Zenfie allows you to keep track of your meditation sessions, and how you feel before and after.


With the suggestive slogan “the App to meditate in Spanish” is presented Intimind, an app for iOS (in the future it is expected an Android version), which offers 10 minutes of meditation a day, as Zenfie.

Through programs, explained step-by-step, Intimind teaches you to meditate and focus on different everyday situations, such as anxiety or stress at work or some personal situation.

As Zenfie, offers several meditations free of charge (in this case, 7) and the rest of payment. In both cases, you’ll see explanations in writing and you will be able to continue the meditation through instructions sound.

Relax Melodies

The objective of Relax Melodies (Android, iOS) is to relax using white noise or background sound such as rain, ocean waves, the chirping of a few birds, a melody via a pan flute…

The free version offers more than 50 sounds and melodies that you can activate and deactivate at your leisure. Surely some will have you relax more before sleeping, or to disconnect from the chaos and noise of the city on the way to work.

Relax Melodies also has exercises of meditation step-by-step through explanations by text and voice. The app is free but some of its contents are paid for by subscription.

Smiling Mind

Although it is only available in English, Smiling Mind is a great app for meditation to have in mind, one of the few completely free and offers different meditation sessions for all ages (children and adults) to follow by using timer and voice prompts for groups or for each one.

With Smiling Mind (Android, iOS), you’ll see the time you’ve spent meditating and you can do a monitoring of your mood before and after the sessions.

Guided Mind

With guided meditations for different voices, Guided Mind (Android, iOS) will help you relax and to meditate comfortably in a session of 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

As in the apps above, there are meditations free of charge (more than 40) and other payment, in English and Spanish. In addition, it provides white noise or background sounds to relax listening to the nature and meditations focused on specific topics, such as personal problems or insomnia.

Image | Pixabay (Author: Benjamin Balazs)


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