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It is scientifically proven that meditation contributes to mental health, since it decreases the stress. However, it is not easy to stop thinking about everyday worries and to put the mind blank. The current interest in the practice has generated the emergence of several applications that help to achieve this.

«You live a healthier and happier life with just a few minutes of meditation a day» is the invitation of Headspace, application valued among those who speak English as being simple and friendly.

Those who are learning to meditate can be downloaded, free of charge, a pack of ten «meditations» core especially designed for beginners. Each exercise is guided by a male voice, and takes no more than ten minutes. You can also pass to a second level, although payment, with meditations specialized. Are offered to the anxiety, the happiness, and the bravery, among others.

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A similar invitation makes the app Insight Timer, which have the advantage of being totally free and in Spanish. Offers more than six thousand guided meditations, and multiple groups that encourage interaction between users. What is new is that allows you to customize the duration, and the ambient sound of the sessions, in addition to choose if they want a voice guide.

«I recommend it, is very complete. Allows you to connect with other people who are practicing around the world; in addition, it maintains a statistical record of the practice,» says Claudio Araya, psychologist member of the team mindfulness at the School of Psychology of the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile.

Health effects

«Our mission is to bring the practice of meditation to the greater number of people so that they can incorporate into their daily lives as a healthy habit and thus improve their well-being body-mind», explains the Spanish Imma John, creator of Intimind, another valued app among Spanish-speaking users.

Just like the previous ones, focuses on mindfulness, or «meditation full», a technique that helps to calm the mind and to focus on the present, without involving the religious sphere.

According to Imma, the daily practice for ten or twenty minutes improves blood pressure and reduces levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

The application offers, at no cost to the programme, «introduction», which includes seven guided meditations. For those looking for more specific content there are four programs paid: «health and stress», «it works better», «personal relationships» and «emotional balance.»


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