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Each day is more recognized the importance of meditation in children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, the healthy and the sick to connect the different parts of the human being (bodily, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual), to unlock and focus the energies, remove the thoughts invading, help concentration, improve the memory process, overcome stress, decrease or disappear fears and anxiety, facilitate learning, develop imagination and creativity, to increase awareness, the motivations for choosing specializations and profession, enhance the immune system, lower the levels of blood pressure, produce deep relaxation, self-confidence and resolution of problems; in short, meditation helps you to harmony, inner peace and overall health of human beings. The great contradiction is that meditation is not yet incorporated into many educational systems and, therefore, cannot be accepted without it you can get an excellent education. The guided meditations are about many issues, problems, and all ages.

Meditation originated in India over 3,000 years ago. Spread to Tibet, China, Thailand, Korea and Japan where they had specific developments and spread over a large part of Asia. From 50 years ago began its development in the West. From 30 years ago, research is carried out by checking its scientific underpinnings in the most important universities in the united States and the rest of the world. In 1987 the Dalai Lama, Francisco Varela and Adam Engle founded the Institute for Mind and Life as a space to discuss meditative buddhists of various orientations with eminent scientists (neuroscientists, physicians, philosophers, psychologists, physicists, molecular biologists, educators, and scholars). Until April 2010, there were XX momentous dialogues.

Magali Vargas says: “In 1994, Daniel Goleman founded the Program by Casel (Collaborative for Academic Learning, Social and Emotional), for the systematic teaching of the emotional literacy in the classroom. Has its base in Chicago State University where they have established a set of standards of social and emotional learning SEL (Social and Emotional Learning). Currently these programs are included in curricula in schools around the world, where it has been observed that the best programs of social and emotional learning are those that are designed and adapted to the own needs of the educational system of the country.” The education is nurturing meditation, supported by the contributions of neuroscience, studies of brain plasticity, modeling of brain circuits, the brains of different and require learning different and the creation of new brain circuits that lead to changes to ensure that the new experiences are appropriate for students, educators and parents.

In the context of education of ecuador, in all its levels, should you meditate at the beginning of their activities and after the recess in the basic education and high school, when students are agitated, excited, and decentered. Welfare services and Educational Guidance must take the lead in front of the dispersion of mind, invasion of thoughts and in the fight against the addictions and in particular against the consumption of drugs. Meditation helps to balance the distortion of the education in the western culture focused on ‘activating’ the left hemisphere ‘and ‘ turn off’ the right hemisphere. Meditation, in turn, activates the right hemisphere and passes control to the left hemisphere. It is urgent the implementation of meditation in order to contribute to an excellent education in ecuador. Virtually no cost and your contribution would be extraordinary. (Or)


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