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Everyone knows that laughing is enjoyable, that makes a lot of good, but, in the midst of the daily stresses, not necessarily is so easy to let go a good laugh. So what has been proven Eddie Fuentes, master neurocoach, who developed the Workshop, Therapeutic Neuro-Laughter to help people integrate humor into your life and, even, ortilizarlo as a tool to overcome phobias, increase self esteem and decrease anxiety and stress.

“Laughter is healing. It is a therapy that you can give at any time, at any place. When you laugh, you lower the stress hormones and increases the muscle relaxation,” said Sources.

The neurocoaching combines coaching with neuroscience, or neuro-linguistic programming. This methodology has as purpose that those who practice learn to connect with themselves to autodescubrirse and resolve issues that prevent them from achieving their goals. The fears and limitations learned through previous experiences are replaced, giving way to thoughts that change the internal discourse that sabotages opportunities for advancement.

During the sessions of neuro-laughter is generated by the different group exercises, but each participant works according to their own interest. The dynamic begins by positioning the imagination the people in the womb. Little by little, according to the progress the exchange with Sources, go on to experience other stages of development until adulthood.

According to the neurocoach, to break with the old negative thought patterns and introduce a new one, you need an “activator”, that is to say, an element that serves to mark the learning experience. And, in this case, the “activator” is the laughter.

“Limiting beliefs, worries, and phobias are things that one learns. But at any time you can decide to confront that belief, to change it and practice another way of thinking”, explained Sources.

By way of example, to understand how does the change in the pattern of thought, encouraged to think about the process that occurs when learning to driving a car standard. At the beginning, be patient and think about each move. By practicing the steps, the guide becomes a automatic action that is not necessary to analyse.

One of the exercises performed by the participants of the workshop that Sources offered to groups and businesses from 2015 is done with a partner. People are standing face-to-face. One of them has to enumerate all their qualities, while the other mocks, as if trying to prevent his colleague to continue to recognize their positive characteristics. The purpose, according to the instructor, is to face the inner voice that often blocks the initiative and self-love.

“We are always slope to the qualities of the others but when it comes to us, sometimes we don’t appreciate for not wanting to be arrogant or egocentrics. Sometimes, not even we realize how much we are worth and do not believe in ourselves”, writes the neurocoach.

In another dynamic, the laughter is integrated into the workshop to remember how important it is to try to laugh, laugh at yourself, with others, and find the humor in situations.

According to the reviews it has received Sources after the sessions, many of the participants learn to implement techniques to better manage their moods, trying to drop more often a smile or laugh.

Wake up your smile

  • Laugh at yourself. If you made a mistake, if you had something unpleasant, you try to not be so hard on you.
  • Look in the mirror and begin to laugh. Your brain does not differentiate between the laughter forced and genuine. In the end, you’ll end up laughing as if you had made a good joke. In addition, remember that laughter is vital.
  • Live in the present. Many of the concerns raised by be thinking in the past or in the future.
  • Decides to integrate more humor into your life. Rent comic movies, purchase tickets to a comedy show, invite your friends to have experiences funny. Treat yourself to that happy moment once in a while.

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