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Must of making many years that apple stopped being the gift typical of the student to the teacher, despite how iconic it remains the image. And in spite, also, of the growing trend of companies to provide benefits to their employees, the healthy eating still has not achieved the status of what is obvious.

In this last thought Alejandra Faienza to 2008, when she worked in the commercial area of a multinational company in which a manager came up to bring fruits and serve them “in a rudimentary form, but the response he got was very good,” he says.

Faienza asked if the clerks were feeding it well, working the whole day sedentary, and under pressure, but eating cookies. “I started investigating and saw that the delivery of fruit for the employees as was done professionally in countries like Spain or Chile,” he says. “It was important to do it professionally, and that the fruit is presented in an attractive way. The know-how of the business B2B already had it, because it was what I was working on,” he adds.

Thus began what would be Direct in Garden: as a “plan B” that she was involved in while he maintained his employment in the multinational. “We started too timidly, with a flyer, a communication well armed, and the fruits presented in a basket-very artisanal, made in découpage,” he recalls. Clear that to maintain both plans entailed many times you go to bed at two in the morning and getting up at five to go to the market to buy fruit in jeans and running shoes; and then go on to offer your service dressed executive.

But the response was good, “because for companies it is an option very low cost compared to putting a vending machine of treats, for example; and because the proposal is very healthy.” So in 2010, when he got a account of a thousand fruits, he made an investment of $ 200 thousand and the plan “B” became his exclusive activity.

And already in 2015, with a portfolio of 50 regular customers and three vans own distributing in the microcentro of buenos aires, the rest of the City and the northern area of the province of Buenos Aires, Direct Garden ceased to be an “enterprise garage” for rent two houses, subsequent to storing, to select, and split the fruits, which were already presented in cardboard trays. The plant itself would come in April of this year: 300 square meters Engineer Maschwitz.

“The minimum basket for which we are going to a company is 45 units, which are two trays of mixed fruits and cereals; served for a week”, it indicates Faienza. Your price to the client company is $510 (for both), and includes the shipping. Direct Garden had on 2016 revenue by $1.9 million, and today has 15 employees.

Soon we came to Faienza competitors, who had to differentiate. Was incorporating products such as gourmet salads, mixes of cereal and a service bar smoothies to events and entertainment special. Later, joined the “supply healthy ” in company”, to leave the kitchen of the healthier businesses in the day-to-day for the consumption of the employees.

But above all, the secret of the firm that was renamed Direct Garden Wellness Consulting is that each company that hires access, through the same provider, different services to achieve a healthy balance mentally, physically, and emotionally in work environments. Among them, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga and coaching.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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