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The pace of life is becoming faster these days. Many people are unable to handle myriad responsibilities associated with school, work, family, or personal relationships. But there is meditation anti-stress that can help you lead the day-to-day.

So here are the steps to start the meditation and achieve a balance in your life:

  1. Start by locating a quiet place and cozy. You can put a dim light and soft music to help you create a suitable environment.
  2. Sit on the floor with your back straight,and without tension, breathing deeply and relaxing the shoulders and arms.
  3. With eyes open, pick a point in front and left there the gaze, focus, and distractions will disappear.
  4. Observe those thoughts without judging them or retain them, only observe them.
  5. Keep the breathing deep and begins to create thoughts and positive images of yourself.
  6. To conclude, close the eyes for a few moments creating a complete silence.

As the days goes by you will notice that you will be less difficult to clear your mind. Practicing meditation requires consistency, dedication and patience.

The positive changes you will experience in all levels ranging from an improvement in the digestive system, more flexibility, you eliminate headaches, blood pressure improves, until you feel more vital and energetic.

Expert Eva Hidalgo, who practice guided meditation and mindfulness (attention and full consciousness), advisable to exercise to self-regulate the thoughts, calm the mind and focus on the present.

She insists on the idea of considering meditation as a “good complementary tool that promotes human well-being, but that must go with the rest of resources that are part of the therapeutic process to ensure their positive effects”.

He begins this routine, reserve 20 minutes of your day for meditation and enjoying the results.


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