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Some airlines are implementing new proposals for all the world to fly more relaxed. Movies, music and games as Who wants to be a millionaire?, among other methods for killing time, it’s not enough for some passengers nervous or idle at the time of flying. To enhance the experience of the flight and the hours of confinement to 10 thousand meters of height, companies like Air France are testing new strategies.

The airline invites us to meditate during their long flights. To the usual offerings of entertainment on individual screens in front of each seat, added a program designed for you to relax with a meditation session guided, available in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The proposals include variants for guys with titles such as The superpowers of the breath (adapted from the book Quiet and attentive, Eline Snel), and for adults to Travel with the mind or to Fly in the serenity (of the best-selling novel, Meditating day-to-day, Christophe André),

«The plane trip is a good opportunity to invest time in yourself. Time to rest, read, reflect, watch a movie, and time to meditate! The meditation exercises that we propose here, many of which have been specially designed for Air France, is based on a simple method and secular, has been validated by scientific studies,» says the guru Christophe André.

According to the company, after a first test flight, 90% of passengers felt more relaxed, and 85% said that the experience had a positive influence for a more comfortable ride.

Comfort and music to fly
The airlines typically include a channel with soundscapes type new age between your music menu to enjoy on board. But there are new proposals of relaxation more and more sophisticated.

Delta Air Lines has a similar service to that of Air France. It’s called «OMG. I Can Meditate» (something like my God, I can’t meditate) and consists of tutorials for 10 minutes under titles such as «Relaxing in the clouds», suitable for beginners.

British Airways partnered with the app to meditate Headspace and developed a version for your entertainment system with nine tutorials that help you achieve inner calm, deal with the anxiety up in the turbulence stronger, and optimize the rest. There are routines for the business traveler, to reduce jet lag, to prepare for the holidays, to cope with the challenge of being parents and also the children.

The app Headspace was created by the exmonje buddhist born in London, Andy Puddicombe, and already the mark more than five million downloads.

From aromatherapy to yoga
The airline Virgin Atlantic expanded its offering of well-being with the scents of aromatherapy, available only to the executive class.
Spring Airlines, China’s, trained their hostesses to encourage passengers to follow them on their series of stretching exercises, lifting up the hands and tilting the bodies in the choreographies lightweight, but precise.

Among other proposals for relaxation is yoga, circular breathing, the past-life therapy and family constellations.


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