Addiction to meditation – Excélsior

July 14, 2017

Transcendental meditation, meditations, sound, danced, guided, walking, standing, sitting, or lying down on your back, meditations in groups of women, mixed, full moon and summer solstice… Story with three thousand characters to describe what encompasses the word to meditate on, and I would not even to begin to name the thousands of types of ways in which for centuries the human beings we try to calm the monkey crazy happy swinging by our mind. I have several years in this attempt to tame it, I’ve always liked to shut up the noise and go inward, but lately I have been become an addiction. It is funny, but talking with friends I realize that we are many who are going through there…

The level of stress, a crisis of age, identity, longing to return to a real home, cure a pain, remove the fear or obsession, to find the peace to sleep… whatever our reasons, the final summary in a single: if he is so in fashion this spiritual awakening is because we live in a world that is rife with suffering. A world in which the values of priority and competition make us live in an isolated, self-absorbed and, therefore, prisoners of ourselves, of what should be and what they will say. I meditate to free myself, because am dying of curiosity, because I never liked that I have what feels and because there are many who say that meditation is a way to see this miracle from there, from where life is perceived as it really is, without so many filters and without so much pollution, and as an immense divine experience!


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