Active meditation – The Sun of Margarita –

12 May, 2017 | “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens and committed can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones that have succeeded.” Margaret Mead.

A few months ago, a group of 40 spiritual teachers from different schools and trends of human development, spiritual and holistic, guided by the love and commitment with the country, gathered at the headquarters of the Corporate University Sigo -in the spectacular Island of Margarita – with the intention of merging energies and intentions, and to put them at the service of Venezuela, conscious, loving, free, prosperous, united and in peace. This first meeting of meditators emerged the initiative of convening a Meditation Mass by Venezuela.

In the same context as the marches, the confrontations and the violent repression, more than 6,000 people –you know – an appointment was made for the past 30 of April, the length and breadth of the country, to meditate en masse and send light to Venezuela. From the outside –Chile, Colombia, Panama, united States, Finland – hundreds of other meditators, we also join the journey of meditation. Wow, thousands of people and same intention!

The practice of meditation allows us to cultivate states of mind, skills, and sensitivities key to navigate -and also lead – the chaos and the uncertainty, among which we can highlight: focus, presence-centered, alertness, clear vision, self-management and self-care, emotional intelligence, conflict management, listening, generative, mental acuity, discipline, acceptance, compassion.

Venezuela is living a kind of cyclone, violent and painful, engulfed in one of the multiple crises -political, social, economic, moral and spiritual – deeper than it can go through any country. The greater complexity of the crisis, the greater will be the demand for clarity, serenity and awareness required.

Meditation is in fashion, but beyond the rituals and the fashion spiritual, my invitation is to the active meditation that involves cultivating the meditative state is permanent in all contexts, including marches and protests aware, in the best style “kin jin” or zen meditation walk. The presenciay serenity are key to staying in the eye of the hurricane, that place is calm that is formed at the center of the cyclone strong.

Nothing is outside as there is inside, find peace happens to be us the peace. Meditate, in addition to a powerful way of contributing to a better world, it is also a strategy of non-violent resistance. Ghandi showed the world how a peaceful revolution can change the course of history. The central action of this revolution ejemplary successful –that some may have despised the cataloging of inaction – was the civil disobedience conscious.

Meditating may be the most revolutionary that we can imagine. The disconnection beclouds the intellect. Manage emotions and not be slaves to them is wisdom. At this time Venezuela requires wisdom, compassion and clarity. I applaud and follow the example of the revolution are aware that is brewing in Margarita!


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