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Copahue is located 383 km away from the capital of neuquén and gathers in one place the best thermal waters of Argentina.

(1 February 2017) visitors to the patagonian city of Copahue (Neuquén province) those days will be able to enjoy a long island free activities related to the holistic therapies from the 3 to the 10 of February. The schedule of activities is extensive and includes workshops, classes, talks and seminars that will be led by recognized professionals of the Patagonia make up the annual meeting “Copahue Meditate”, in a natural environment of great beauty.

The undersecretary of tourism of Neuquén, Andrés Méndez, said he felt “very pleased to be able to have this initiative that strengthens the range of activities of the town during the summer season has behaved – from the point of view of factors of occupation-, with very good levels”. “This speaks clearly of the importance of the product hot springs,” he said.

Copahue is located 383 km away from the capital of neuquén and gathers in one place the best hot springs of Argentina, thanks to its temperature and the mineralization which provides the volcanic activity. Here you can make based treatments in mineral-medicinal waters, steams, muds and algae.

That is why it is considered to be the ideal setting for this activity, which includes the most varied range of holistic therapies: relaxation, meditation, reflection, body posture, walks, workshops, reiki, workshops, energetic transformation, and family constellations, music therapy, yoga, astronomical tours, and talks on alternative medicine and therapies, in addition to a trade fair and exhibition of natural products.

In the thermal Baths of Copahue are developed custom programs for various conditions or programmes aimed at relaxation and the beauty of the body. The treatments performed are advised by professionals according to the diagnosis of each visitor, but there is also the combination geared to relaxation, with different kinds of water, vapours and mud, for an experience of enjoyment full.

A week of relaxation, meditation and therapies at the foot of the volcano ... - Perfil.com 1

The complex is located within the Provincial Park Copahue, 28.300 hectares, created in the 1940s with the goal of preserving the nature of the area, especially the forests of araucaria trees or pehuenes that constitute a unique natural resource in the world.

The Copahue volcano and an area of extensive prairie that surrounds the lake Caviahue, form a landscape unique and original, whose geologic origin is volcanic, with modifications by the action glacier.

In the spa the guest can find from natural saunas, to sources where the water has the perfect temperature for the mate, without forgetting the “lagoon of the corns”. And the two most important being: The Lagoon –Green color due to the richness of the algae– and the Laguna del Chancho, whose waters from a dull grey to are composed of a volcanic mud of excellent properties. The rewards and outcomes of these waters, as fast as tangible, generate often surprise new visitors.

Waters and muds rich in minerals and a medical team of excellence, combined customized programs that make this natural resource a valuable solution for skin conditions, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and digestive. Some of them are: Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sequelae of trauma, tendinopatias, rhinitis, sinusitis, digestive problems, and iron deficiency anemia, among others.

The thermal programmes are generally of one week and consist of pleasurable steam bath, dipping, wraps, mud or whirlpool, where the temperature and the minerals -in particular the sulfur – provide the body with numerous benefits. Can be performed in booths or in the lagoons to the open air. It also has therapeutic exercise, massage and a gym to complement the various therapies. If you can’t go this summer, don’t worry. The climate of the place is great and its temperatures are ideal for both in summer as in winter.


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