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For astronomy, the full moon is the worst phase to view the moon through a telescope. The solar rays reach the surface of the moon perpendicular, which makes the formations moles do not produce shadows and not to see its details. But that is only for astronomy. For the rest it is a free show, the most profound meditation, a great plan for the weekend, or an excuse to go to the best party of Thailand.

And the “lunatic fringe” argentine -which are becoming more and the show on Facebook – they are in the leitmotif with the first full moon of February, which in some countries of North America and Europe called the “snow moon” (because it makes “the snow is whiter”) and that, astronomically, reaching its peak early this morning at 01:33:58 (although will be extended until this evening).

“The moon moves the tides, and as our body is 75 % water, it is also affected by the moon: it changes our mood,” says Clarin’s Santiago Barrenechea, coordinator of meditation The Art of Living Foundation. “It is not a coincidence that the crazy has called them ‘lunatics’, on the full moon it was said that they became more unstable,” he explains.

Barrenechea is the international coordinator of the meditation mass full moon today will be given simultaneously in 95 countries under the guidance of the spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “What you see in the City, when it is a full moon people are more ‘charged’, that is why it is the ideal time to meditate. In the meditative state, the thought waves change and lowers the amount of thoughts. Translates into a deep rest for the brain -says who meditated for a year in India – and 20 minutes of stretching and use of breathing for meditation is equivalent to three hours of sleep”. During the first full moon of 2017, on the 12th of January, three thousand people meditated simultaneously in Argentina.


Santiago is a fan of meditation. And of the moon.

But there are people looking for other alternatives. For example, there are those who pay $ 600 per person (plus $ 250 for the dinner in the drained Forest) to see how the light of that full moon lights up the Iguazu falls. “Since Tuesday, which sold out the second shift (20:30) for the ride of a full moon. And that the maximum is 120 people per group, plus the three guides”, it has to Clarín Karina Dudek, the Iguazu National Park.


Eclipse and full Moon, the first of February. (Cecilia Prophetic)

“The most crazy of the moon are argentine. And to get the ticket to call and ask for the percentage of brightness that give the moon. Ideally, it should be 99 %, so that from the balcony of Devil’s Throat, at 21, to take beautiful photos”

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Other, if the weather helps, will sink the rowing in the Tigre Delta with a kayak tour from 19:30 to 23:30 -we paddle for an hour and a half-with live music, pizza and free drink no alcohol on the terrace at the river school Delta by Kayak (approx. $ 250 per person).

And Paul Read Cole, 28 years and Villa Devoto, is one of the hundreds of exotic argentine tourists who will go to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Paul spoke with this newspaper from Cambodia and told that the idea is to change your itinerary for southeast asia to be able to go to the full moon party most famous in the whole world. “From Bangkok I’m going to go to the island by bus and ferry. There, I meet a friend. I’m going to have to go from the 10 to the 13.”


Eclipse and full Moon, the first of February. (Cecilia Prophetic)

The party has nothing to do with the history and the buddhist culture of the country, but it is impossible to speak of Thailand without mentioning it. As it happens with the moon, which refers to many other things before that to astronomy.

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“There are 29 days between one full moon and another. The first moon of February in astronomy does not say anything. There are a lot of traditions in the world, and the Snow Moon is one of them. And the eclipse of yesterday, almost imperceptible, and said he was going to ‘dark moon’ do not ameritó no event of particular observation”, explains grupo Clarín Mariano Ribas, coordinator of the Astronomy in the Planetarium of the City of Buenos Aires. The full moon is the moon lit up at 100% and lasts for three days. Was yesterday, Friday, but you’re going to see a round like today, the technical difference is 1% to 2 %, almost imperceptible”.


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