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When it comes to meditation the first thing that is requested is to keep the distance and observe all the thoughts, fears and emotions. However, how can you do it without a guide or practice?, how to silence the noise of mind that prevents clear thinking and focused?, how to be able to see what you feel and think?


According to the practitioners of meditation to regulate emotions and thoughts is more easy to process the information in an objective manner and thus return it to its natural state, in silence. This will allow you to see objectively that thought or feeling to solve it, process it, smelt it consciously into our being and let it go, which, in turn, will make possible the awakening of the Spirit towards a natural expression in the Consciousness:


A silent mind is free from distortions, making it easier for the Spirit to enter into our Consciousness. Or at least make a higher energy to enter and to expand upon our conscious state, and that’s what we call ‘Spirit’. […] When our mind is in silence –quiet, at peace and focused– we are open to receive different levels of Consciousness, implying the inspiration, creativity, insights and direct knowledge. In addition, when our mind is clean, quiet, and precise, it increases almost dramatically our ability to think, learn, and understand. A mind which is calm, quiet and focused is able to direct the attention towards the interior. It could be said that it is to the Spirit, which is perfectly real. Not only because we direct our attention inwards, towards the Singularity, which is an experience of pure consciousness that allows you to move to different levels of care, and internal silence.


A practical guide to clearing the mind during meditation - Pajamas Surf 1


So spend time in silence, in balance, allows the processing of internal information. In practical terms, “process” means the awareness of everything that happens inside our body: thoughts, emotions, experiences, desires, and once achieved that state of consciousness, accept them and let go of those beliefs or feelings that overwhelm us, to understand our desires and behaviors in function of them. It is said that this way of coherent action makes it possible to “express them and let them go in a way that we realize what we have to say about us and what we want to be and to act. Is this part of the way in which we move toward awareness of who we really are”.


It is not necessary to look outside. The information, the key to learn to meditate, it is in our interior. And once we allow ourselves to spend time alone and without distraction we will realize who we really are, which can happen through the thoughts of a movie you just saw, a book that we are movement, emotions, and arguments that we just had, anything in the street that we remember constantly, that is to say that with any daily activity we can become aware of and clarify our minds-with what we see, hear, taste, smell, feel, experience, think, feel, conceive, we imagine and desire. It is a reality perceptual in that if you do not regulate the information and the energy, if not the process or select, if you do not use them deliberately, and consistent, could cause problems to our physical health, emotional and spiritual.


A practical guide to clearing the mind during meditation - Pajamas Surf 2


It is important to remember that resolve and process this type of information can take days, weeks, or years, and can cause crashes, gradual, obstructions to the expression of the true essence and distortions about the thoughts –and therefore, of the emotions, so that the practice of daily, constant, make that the consciousness become deep and easy to do with the time:


You will develop the ability to know ourselves, which will inform and raise the levels of creativity and expressiveness. Therefore we will learn to focus the attention on us and in our spiritual awareness, to develop spiritual Consciousness, to experience the Spirit, to know each other. And this is the only way to know the Spirit.


To know if what you’re doing is the right thing, you only need to pay attention to our emotions, to the quality of our consciousness, towards creativity and confidence. If you feel a kind of tranquility and balance, freedom, and empowerment, nothing bad can happen.


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