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I think that the least I can do is write a few words -which anyway will be very few – to pay tribute to a person who for years has given me his teachings through his books, in particular the one that is titled: Heal your body.

I refer to Louise L. hay, who has just died -on the 30th of August 2017 – San Diego, California, at the age of 90 years.

I have not read all his work which is very profuse, but two or three of her; but I was enough his first book, published in 1976, and whose title is that I’ve just named, Heal your body. In this book, provides a list of diseases and their possible causes; as well as a set of positive affirmations as tools of healing. The list of diseases was expanded in another book, which was published in 1984, called You can heal your life, and which went on to join the best-sellers in the united States.

What I retain of the work of There is the thesis that the diseases usually have a psychosomatic cause; that is to say that our thoughts, or our emotional experiences, can be the definitive factor causing these diseases. But he also argues that the forging of ideas and positive thoughts can be the same way to create experiences in order to heal the disease.

Particularly what I find remarkable every time that I turn to consult his book, the great “certainty” that you have to establish the emotional causes with the body part that is affected.

He says that often the majority of the discomforts of the body have to do with the criticism, the anger, the resentment and the guilt. If you cultivate the critical and cultivated during a sufficient time, can lead to diseases such as arthritis, says the author. Anger turns into things that do boil, burn and infect the body. The resentment that home for a long time, encona and corrode the self, leading to the formation of tumors and cancers; and the guilt always seeks punishment and leads to pain.

I will say that the most difficult thing I find in all this theory, is the identification of our true feelings within the depths of our being, and its recognition by ourselves. We often tend to cover up our shortcomings, and to not recognize them, because our outer world in addition to the sentence. We are so full of negativity, from all sides, it costs us to accept a little bit of positivism to see the things.

The topics addressed by Louise There is, of course, are not their sole motherhood; and though I have no idea to whom it belongs every thing, but through my hands have passed on books that in some way are about the same as, for example, Lair Ribeiro, Deepak Chopra, and up to own Osho, whom I like very much to consult. It makes me also neuro-linguistic programming –NLP, would be present in the construction of their claims to healing.

Louise Lynn There, was born in Los Angeles, united States, on the 8th of October, 1926, and as is said he died in San Diego, August 30, 2017. His early years were very difficult, and barely reached adolescence he fled from his home. He did many things, until the most terrible, in order to survive; he finally arrived in the world of fashion and became a high fashion model.

In that office he met in 1954, who would become her husband, Andrew There, but this one leaves it in 1968, opening again at Louise a gap of pain, and his esteem fell to the floor. In his search for salvation, clung to the spirituality and meditation; and from 1972 it will be seen as a speaker of a church, and initiating studies on the Maharishi’s International University in Fairfield, Iowa.

The rest is now history. In 1976 he published Heal your Body, and from there it only stopped the death.

Louise Is recognised as representative of New Thought and a precursor of the self-help books. Created the foundation and the publishing house hay House, where they publish for example Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

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