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Ideal For: Those who need help managing the stress of school or finals, coping with a breakup or a loss, dealing with anxiety or depression, and who want to use the app in combination with other therapies. It is also ideal for those who like to check-in, as there are dozens of different moods and states of mind to check in with before you start.

Philosophy: Stop, Breathe, Think allows you to chart how you are doing mentally, physically, and emotionally, then suggests meditations that will reinforce the positive. The app was actually initially created with teens in mind, surfacing out of a collaboration with through nonprofit Tools For Peace, where it was found that teens had a hard time going straight into meditation directly from class or extracurricular activities. So, each session started with a check-in, giving everyone the chance to reset. By recognizing and labeling emotions first, teens got one step closer to being present for the mindful or meditative activity, effectively bringing attention from “out in the world” to focusing inward.

Favorite Features: When you check in, the app recommends meditations personalized to how you are feeling. There’s a great Walking Meditation, “Drop the Storyline” (detaching from thoughts about something your anxious or worried about) Body Scan, and even yoga videos. It also takes you through the basics of mindfulness through its Learn to Meditate feature.

What’s Free: and What’ll Cost You: The ability to check-in emotionally and get
recommendations for guided meditations, access to over 20 guided meditations, sticker rewards for progress, tracking your meditation streak, measuring your mental and physical state over time, a basic meditation timer, and yoga and acupressure videos for stress are all free. If you want to add additional guided meditations, it’s $4.99 a month or $41.99 a year for iOS, and for Android, there are three in-app packages between $0.99 and $2.99 that give access to 10 additional guided meditations.

Words From the Founder: Our goal is to continue to build on this personalized “emotions based” approach, to help everyone to gain insight into their mood, understand what impacts it overtime; and try recommended activities that support their resilience and ability to manage their emotions. Our users under 24, especially women, report the lowest mental state, with stress and anxiety as the top emotions chosen in the check in. We have over 6 million emotional check-ins to date, which gives us incredible data that we use to improve the app and make it even more helpful and effective for each individual user. — Jamie Price, Co-Founder

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