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Today we will give visibility to some of the types of meditation available today, the benefits it provides and to whom it is dedicated.

Types of meditation

1. The Primordial Sound meditation

The Primordial Sound meditation is based on the mantras. But, what is a mantra? A sound, word, or phrase that is repeated and that makes our mind to vibrate.

A mantra is, for example, the classic “ommmm, ommmm”. Do prevents take the leading role those thoughts that cause us to stop focus on the present .

Although we may think that mantras are sounds taken at random, what is certain is that all of them are sacred sounds, with a sense that is coming to them since the ancient times.

The Primordial Sound meditation takes away the noise of mind that causes us to recede from the calm.

2. Vipassana meditation

Vipassana meditation is also known as “insight meditation” (meditation of internalization).

This practice focuses very much on nasal breathing and in the identification of thoughts and emotions, observing them without doing any kind of judgment.

This type of meditation helps us to see things as they are and not as we want to see. Opens our eyes and allows us to understand what is around us happens.

3. Meditation Zazen

Meditation, Zazen, also known as Zen, focuses on the breath but with an essential difference: not based their attention on the nose, but in the movement of the belly.

In this type of meditation the posture should be straight, strictly, the chin slightly tucked towards the inside, and with the hands placed on the belly.

Meditation Zazen teaches us to see the thoughts that go through our mind, one after the other, observing them for after the release.

4. Meditation Metta

Meditation Metta, also known as Benevolent Love, has its origin in the tibetan buddhism, a form of meditation kind and compassionate.

Thanks to this meditation we learn to empathize better with others, we face the life with more positivity and we learn to accept ourselves and to others.

People with low self-esteem, perfectionists, or autocríticas can benefit greatly from this type of meditation.

5. Meditation Kundalini

Meditation Kundalini has as its fundamental purpose the awakening of our mind. Through mantras and chants you attempt to access the unconscious mind.

This type of meditation focuses very much on the spine. The Kundalini energy is to be found in the lower part of the same.

When through the use of mantras and chants, we release that energy that resides in our spine, then we wake up and, if we go a little further, we come to the so-called enlightenment.

6. The meditation of the Chakras

According to the hindus, we have 6 chakras which are nothing more than energy centers distributed throughout our body.

This type of meditation focuses on the sounds, the arrangement of the hands, visualization, and focus on each chakra that will take us to connect the physical with the emotional.

7. Meditation Tonglen

The last of the types of meditation that we’re going to refer to is the Tonglen. This helps us to connect with that which makes us suffer, to accept the pain and get rid of him.

We tend to flee from everything that we see as negative, that which makes us hurt. However, this only makes the situation worse.

That is why this type of meditation allows you to deal effectively with these difficult circumstances that are present in our life.

Meditation Tonglen helps us to leave the negativity, to be compassionate and empathetic. To do this, in addition to visualization, there will be a special attention to the breathing.

Have you experienced one of these types of meditation or several of them? Although all are positive, some are focused more on certain elements than in others.

You choose what you want and you need to heal.

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