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Meditation is an eastern technique that is practiced today around the world, with the aim of achieving inner peace in the midst of the everyday worries. For exercising, you do not need a master, as the doctor hindu Deepak Chopra. What you can do at home by following these instructions, even more so in this week of reflection:

1.Convince yourself. Before you start think that this procedure will bring you serenity, confidence and ability to accept things that before you were unbearable. In addition, you will feel balanced, happy and much more secure. Do not pursue the benefits immediately because this will not appear.

2.Choose a space. Should be done in a quiet place, where nobody will interrupt during 5 or 30 minutes.

3.Please wear loose clothing and take off shoes. This will cause you to block the external factors that interrupt the practice.

4.Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and clear your mind of any negative thoughts. You think that you’re on a beach or in a forest.

5.Repeat the meditation daily. When the become part of your routine, you will feel its benefits in greater depth.

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