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We usually associate mindfulness with time away from technology, and it may seem counterintuitive to bring your phone into the equation if you’re trying to practice meditation, but as we all know, technology can offer more than just “likes” and “shares.” It really seems as though there is an app for everything these days, including helping you to disconnect, relax, and meditate.

If you struggle with finding time for this practice, clearing your head, or simply knowing what to do when it comes to meditation, then using an app could really help. People have been listening to guided meditations for years, and having a whole catalogue available to use at your fingertips seems like a no-brainer —no pun intended.

You may have been surprised to learn there is even one meditation app, but in fact, there are so many out there today that I had a difficult time narrowing them down to just five for this article. And that’s a wonderful thing. Enough people are starting to implement mindfulness and meditation into their day-to-day lives that there are tons of apps to accommodate each user.

Personally, I have a difficult time sticking to routine. I will plan to start doing something, be it meditation, walking, yoga, or whatever else, and I will just forget that I had this plan and end up working all day, not realizing that I missed the planned 15 minute meditation at lunchtime. By the time I realize it, it’s too late or I am out doing something else. The great thing about some of the meditation apps available today is that they have built-in timers and alarms to remind you of your mindfulness. These apps are quite handy, especially for anyone new to the world of meditation that doesn’t really know where to begin.

Without further adieu, I give you my top five meditation apps.

1. Headspace

Hailing from England, this app is endorsed by Silicon Valley execs and celebs alike, including Emma Watson. It has a simple, straightforward approach to meditation and will appeal to those who aren’t into the hippy-dippy, fluffy-wuffy stuff. Because let’s face it — it’s not for everyone. Not everyone who is interested in or practices meditation is spiritual. This app provides a “no-nonsense” approach for those who are simply looking for the benefits of lowered stress, better sleep, enhanced creativity, and overall improved well-being. This one does come with a price-tag of £9.99 per month, but it does feature a free 10-day trial so you can test it out before committing to buy. And for those who enjoy a little healthy competition, the app comes with a simple stat screen that tracks your progress and even compares it to your friends if they sign up too.

2. Calm

This app offers more than just meditation. Once you sign up, the sessions available to you include a 21-day program for general well-being and a week-long series dedicated to helping you sleep better. The app contains individual sessions ranging from 2-20 minutes, so if you have two minutes, you have time to meditate. (And if you don’t, you might want to re-evaluate your schedule!) There are also unguided sessions, which consist of music and/or nature sounds. This one costs £7.99 per month or £29.99 per year, but offers a 7-day trial so you can see if you like it or not.

3. Insight Timer

This is the top rated FREE meditation app for IOS and android, and for good reason! I just recently downloaded this one and so far I absolutely love it. It has the added element of community, as you are prompted to create an account and make a profile. There are over 1,800,000 meditators using this app and you can connect and communicate with all of them if you choose. The app also features a discussion and question forum, with a wide range of people from all over the world, both experienced and inexperienced, ready and eager to answer any questions you might have. After you have completed a meditation, the app will show you who else has completed it, which is a really cool and unique feature. This app utilizes some beautiful and calming sounds from various meditation bowls and bells.

4. Buddhify

This meditation app is not free but is inexpensive compared to most other subscription-based mindfulness apps, as it only asks for a one-time, up-front fee of £3.99 for iOS and £1.99 for Android. The included meditation exercises are organized by theme according to what you are up to or in the mood for. Whether you’re waking up, taking a break, waiting for something, feeling stressed out, or going through some emotional turmoil — Buddhify has got you covered. This app also has an area for you to ask questions from their team of experts, and allows you to track your progress with graphs and stats.

5. Smiling Mind

This app was developed for children or young people who struggle with handling and processing their emotions. Although anyone can use it, it is especially beneficial for beginners or those who are new to the world of mindfulness. If you want to introduce meditation to your children, this might be the app for you. Best of all, it is completely free. So you don’t have to worry about paying for something that may not be used too often.


There are so many more meditation apps available than these five. If none of these suit your needs, a quick online search is sure to reveal just what you’re looking for. While those that require a monthly subscription may seem expensive, especially in comparison to their free counterparts, I encourage you to ask yourself, can you really put a price on your physical and psychological well-being? Investing in ourselves is one of the best ways we can spend money. We are totally worth it!

Do you have a favourite meditation app that wasn’t mentioned here? Please share with us in the comments.

Much Love

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