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In an increasingly convenience-based lifestyle, we’re often faced with a slew of health issues and sometimes modern medicine just doesn’t seem to make the cut. Dubai’s unique status as a cultural melting pot doesn’t just mean that we can find authentic food from every part of the globe, but a host of different lifestyle options as well.

So if you feel like you’re tired of white coats and pills, here are some alternative therapy options.


If you’ve tried yoga, there’s a high chance that you’re convinced of India’s rich tradition of health and lifestyle related solutions, if so, or even if not, Ayurveda’s a must try.

Materials used in treatments are all-natural (largely plant and oil based) and focus on restoring various elemental imbalances in our bodies which are viewed as responsible for our illnesses.

This kind of medicine takes a holistic approach towards treatment and focuses not just on getting your body, but your mind and spirit in order as well. Did we mention that Ayurveda practitioners need to be certified doctors? So you’re in safe hands.

Ayurveda treatments and counselling services are offered in Dubai by:

Balance Well Being 360 Degree: balance-wellness-centre.com
Emirates Ayurvedic Centre: emiratesayurveda.com
Dr Shyam’s Ayurveda Centre: drshyamayurveda.com


The prospect of having needles stuck inside your skin can seem unnerving for most people, but that’s what forms the fundamental core of treatments in Acupuncture which is a subset of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

But let’s ease your fears right there. The needles aren’t anything like the ones used in hospitals, being much finer and unlikely to be painful. The needles work by tapping into the channels in the body which control the flow of yin and yang and aim to restore the balance between the two. It is a highly recommended associated therapy even in modern medicine.

The following centres offer acupuncture in Dubai:

Chiropractic Dubai: chiropracticdubai.com
Tong Ren Tang: trtgulf.com
Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre: dubaihtc.com


Imagine being able to resolve issues as troubling as PCOS just by receiving a series of foot massages.That’s not too far away a possibility with the Art of Reflexology which works on the basis of the idea that various pressure points on our feet correspond to important organs and body parts.

The therapist uses their thumb and fingers to apply pressure to various points thus in order to promote relief.

For a reflexology experience, try:

Feet First: feet1st.com
Feet Lounge: feetlounge.ae
Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre: dubaihtc.com


Homeopathy works much like a vaccine does and is the kind of treatment that goes with a work-in-progress mode for the most part, being more focused on prevention than cure.

Common in the Indian subcontinent, Homeopathy is also a go to in the Middle East in recent years due to its ability to stimulate the immune system and personalized character of prescription and treatment.

You can consult or get treated with homeopathy with these practitioners: Dr. Batra’s: drbatras.ae

Dubai Homeopathy Health Center: dubaihomeopathy.ae


Biofeedback is one of the newer alternative medical techniques on the market and has often been found effective when it comes to stress-related ailments.

It works in the initial stages by connecting electrodes to the body in order to measure involuntary processes such as breathing and heart rate. Then, with the help of the therapist the patient is eventually able to control or alter these to the desired effect in order to see the best results.

Biofeedback is also a system in which the technique once learnt, beyond a certain stage can be practiced yourself.

You can try out Biofeedback in Dubai from:


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